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Read On How Diana Got Treated For Oral Thrush By An Online Doctor!

I admit that my oral hygiene hasn’t been the best. I have skipped brushing several times and gone to bed directly but developing an oral thrush was the scariest experience that I have gone through. 

There was a white painless coating on my tongue!

I noticed a thick white layer on my tongue a few days ago but I rinsed my mouth and ignored it. Days went by, and the coating did not disappear. I started using mouthwash instead, but that made no difference either.

According to Google, I had HIV, and I freaked out!

Since it had been several weeks now, I became concerned. I didn’t have any pain but a slight loss of taste. I tried scraping off the layer, but my efforts were in vain. Therefore, I turned to google for help. I froze as soon as I read that an STD such as HIV can cause such symptoms. Holding my breath, I started trembling at the possibility as I had been sexually active for a couple of years. 

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The online doctor diagnosed me with oral thrush after viewing my shared image.

I did not have the patience to wait to make an appointment with my doctor. Regaining some senses, I signed up for an online consultation. Additionally, within the next few minutes, a doctor was assigned to me. Her name was Dr Farrukh and I started chatting with her. She greeted me and asked me to state my concern. Without delay, I explained my symptoms and mentioned my main fear. Additionally, the doctor asked me some questions and asked me to share an image of my tongue. After looking at the image, she diagnosed me with oral thrush.

The doctor at Your Doctors Online reassured me and provided a prescription to cure oral thrush.

Dr Farrukh explained that oral thrush is a fungal infection also known as oral candidiasis. Therefore, it is commonly caused by an overgrowth of Candida albicans, a fungus in the mouth. She also explained that common symptoms of oral thrush which include:

  • white patches on tongue, your inner cheeks, tonsils, gums, or lips
  • slight bleeding if the patch or bumps are scraped
  • soreness or burning in your mouth
  • difficulty swallowing
  • loss of taste
  • bad taste in your mouth

After that, she prescribed oral clotrimazole lozenges for ten days. Over the next few days, my symptoms improved markedly. My recovery was astonishing.

I also asked whether oral thrush is contagious. The doctor explained that it can be transmitted through kissing or passed on to another part of the body in case of contact. 

Chat With a Doctor to Get Oral Thrush Prescription at Your Preferred Pharmacy

Thanks to Your Doctors Online, my oral thrush is gone!

Your Doctors Online platform proved to be a lifesaver for me. After ten days, I followed up with Dr Farrukh. Moreover, I told the doctor that my symptoms were completely gone. The treatment had done wonders. The doctor was happy and instructed me to maintain good oral hygiene. Therefore, I would recommend this app to everyone. 

FAQs About Oral Thrush Answered By Your Doctors Online Team

What is oral thrush?

It is a condition when a fungal or yeast infection develops inside the mouth. It is also known as oral candidiasis.

What causes oral thrush in adults?

Some causes that lead to oral thrush include:
Taking antibiotics
Taking inhaled corticosteroid medication(such as in the case of asthma)
ill-fitted dentures
Poor oral hygiene
Drugs that lead to a dry mouth
Chemotherapy or radiotherapy

How can I get rid of oral thrush fast?

Treatment with antifungal lozenges, mouthwash, or tablets helps eliminate the fungal infection. 

How long does oral thrush last without treatment?

Oral thrush can last several weeks, eight weeks, or more without treatment. 

Is oral thrush an STD?

Oral thrush is not classified as an STD. Therefore, consult with a doctor to get the best medical advice.

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