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Hi I’m Dr. Nicole. How may I help you?

Hi Dr. Nicole, I have a fever and a terrible sore throat. Can I get antibiotics for that, please?


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  • Azithromycin 250mg, two tablets on day 1 and then one tablet for the next 4 days.
  • Benzydamine HCl Gargles 0.15% solution, thrice daily for 7 days.

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At Your Doctors Online, we aim to provide affordable and easily accessible virtual health care for women and their families round the clock with the help of our board-certified online doctors.

We believe that everyone in the world should have the ability to connect with an experienced virtual doctor.

online doctor chat 24/7

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A holistic approach to healthcare with online doctors available round the clock at your fingertips.

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Sexual Health Support

Feel confident with trusted advice from a board-certified OB/GYN on your sexual health issues.

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Audio/Video Chat

Ask your medical queries from a medical expert via text, audio or video consultations.

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Within minutes, get your prescriptions or refills sent to your local pharmacy.

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Medical Reminders

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Record Medical History

All your consultations, prescriptions and sick notes are saved in your personal medical history record for you to review anytime.

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UTI Ruined Her Romantic Trip

Maya was visiting her boyfriend in the US, but Urine Tract Infection ruined her romantic surprise. Your Doctors Online connected her to an online family doctor, and she was able to get a prescription sent to her local pharmacy with minutes.

UTi Ruined her Romantic Trip - Talk to online doctor
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Infertility Was Stressing Her

Cara tried to conceive for more than a year but to no avail. Not knowing the cause of infertility was stressing her. Our OB-GYN diagnosed her with a uterine fibroid and started her treatment. She was able to conceive the following year.

infertility was stressing her - Ask a doctor online
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Worried About Daughter's Itchy Scalp

After trying numerous over-the-counter products, Ella became worried about her daughter’s worsening itchy, flaky scalp. By following up with our online Pediatrician fortnightly, Ella learned how to manage her daughter’s seborrheic dermatitis flare-ups.

Worried About Daughter's Itchy Scalp - Online doctor
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“I believe in educating patients to prepare them for the right questions to ask when seeing their family practitioner or the emergency doctor. Your Doctors Online allows me to do just that.”

— Dr. Cheema, Chief Medical Officer at Your Doctors Online


Dr. Mehvish Khan

Internal Medicine

Doctor asim cheema

Dr. Asim Cheema

Internal Medicine

Dr Richard Honaker

Dr. Richard Honaker

Family Medicine

How Our Doctors Help Our Patients Online

Your Doctors Online provides access to quality healthcare services through our mobile app. We eliminate the barriers that keep many people from accessing healthcare such as taking time off work, high medical costs and exposure to unwanted germs.

Your Doctors Online connects you with professional doctors through our free online doctor chat. Once you download our application, you have the expertise of a doctor at your fingertips. You can send a picture of your child’s rash, record a worrying cough or describe the symptoms that are keeping you up at night.

We are HIPAA compliant and we strongly maintain doctor-patient confidentiality.