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At Your Doctors Online, we provide women with affordable online access to accredited healthcare professionals.

We’re a HIPAA, GDPR, and PIPEDA compliant network of more than 100+ physicians, dedicated to providing best-in-class healthcare advice.

We specialize in women’s health, with a core focus on assisting new moms, pregnant women and new grads navigate new and emerging healthcare issues.

As a leader in online healthcare. we value your privacy and are committed to delivering safe, secure and convenient medical advice you can count on.

By downloading the application, on Android or iOS, users can share their questions with qualified doctors who can provide genuine medical advice, within a matter for a few minutes.

Since it was founded, Your Doctors Online has helped over 300,000 patients and completed over 1M+ consultations. Our team of physicians has addressed a number of queries around sexual health, conception, pregnancy, virals, and skin diseases.

 See below for some of our use cases and how we help our patients.

UTI Ruined her Romantic Trip

Maya was visiting her boyfriend in the US, but Urine Tract Infection ruined her romantic surprise.

Your Doctors Online connected her to an online family doctor, and she was able to get a prescription sent to her local pharmacy with minutes.

Infertility was Stressing her

Cara tried to conceive for more than a year but to no avail. Not knowing the cause of infertility was stressing her.

Our OB-GYN diagnosed her with a uterine fibroid and started her treatment. She was able to conceive the following year.

Worried about Daughter's Itchy Scalp

After trying numerous over-the-counter products, Ella became worried about her daughter’s worsening itchy, flaky scalp.

By following up with our online Pediatrician fortnightly, Ella learned how to manage her daughter’s seborrheic dermatitis flare-ups.

300,000+ patients and growing from 61+ different countries

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