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Your Doctors Online offers convenient and cost-effective access to high-quality healthcare through our online platform. We have a vast network of over 107 qualified physicians dedicated to providing you with the highest quality healthcare advice. Rest assured, we prioritize your privacy and security by strictly adhering to HIPAA, GDPR, and PIPEDA regulations. 

Since its establishment in 2016, Your Doctors Online has been dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services. With a remarkable track record of assisting over 300,000 patients through more than 1 million consultations, we have consistently delivered top-quality care over the past seven years.

Experience personalized healthcare from the comfort of your own device. With our cutting-edge Android and iOS applications, you can effortlessly communicate your condition or symptoms to highly qualified doctors.

Our mission

Your Doctors Online is dedicated to a noble mission: ensuring that individuals from all walks of life have access to high-quality healthcare services around the clock. We firmly believe that healthcare should not be limited by time or availability, and thus, we are committed to breaking down barriers and making 24/7 access to top-notch healthcare a reality for everyone.

With Your Doctors Online, our team of highly skilled physicians is here to provide expert guidance and support for all your questions and concerns regarding sexual health, conception, pregnancy, viral infections, and skin diseases. 

We strive to create a healthcare ecosystem that is inclusive, convenient, and responsive to the needs of individuals, regardless of their circumstances. Our unwavering dedication to this cause drives us to continuously explore new avenues and develop sustainable solutions that will revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered.

Our vision

At Your Doctors Online, we take pride in offering a dedicated team of highly skilled healthcare professionals who are ready to provide you with expert guidance and unwavering support for all your questions and concerns related to sexual health, conception, pregnancy, viral infections, and skin diseases. Our team of medical professionals is committed to ensuring you receive the highest quality care and advice tailored specifically to your unique needs and circumstances.

At our organization, we prioritize compliance with telemedicine regulations as a fundamental aspect of our operations. We firmly believe in adhering to all relevant regulations and guidelines to ensure that our healthcare services are of the highest quality. Our dedicated team of expert physicians, who possess extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields, are committed to providing you with exceptional healthcare guidance.

You can have complete confidence in our ability to deliver best-in-class healthcare advice and support tailored to your needs. As a highly reputable and esteemed leader in the industry, we take great pride in our unwavering commitment to prioritize your safety above all else. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, we consistently strive to deliver the highest standard of care you can rely on.

Our values

At Your Doctors Online, your well-being is our utmost priority, and we go above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional. Trust in our proven track record and allow us to exceed your expectations as we continue to set the benchmark for excellence in the industry. Your peace of mind is paramount to us, and we strive to deliver exceptional and timely healthcare services to meet your needs.

Our core values include:

  • Patient-centered care
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Integrity and ethics
  • Excellence and innovation
  • Privacy and security
  • Accessibility and inclusivity
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Community engagement

UTI ruined her romantic trip

Maya was visiting her boyfriend in the US, but Urine Tract Infection ruined her romantic surprise.

Your Doctors Online connected her to an online family doctor, and she was able to get a prescription sent to her local pharmacy with minutes.

Infertility caused her stress

Cara tried to conceive for more than a year but to no avail. Not knowing the cause of infertility was stressing her.

Our OB-GYN diagnosed her with a uterine fibroid and started her treatment. She was able to conceive the following year.

Worried about daughter's itchy scalp

After trying numerous over-the-counter products, Ella became worried about her daughter’s worsening itchy, flaky scalp.

By following up with our online Pediatrician fortnightly, Ella learned how to manage her daughter’s seborrheic dermatitis flare-ups.

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