My Hyperthyroidism was misdiagnosed as Anxiety.

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Keira was misdiagnosed with anxiety but read how Your Doctors Online diagnosed her with hyperthyroidism.

Hi, I am Keira, 20 years old. For as long as I can remember, I have been petite and anxious. I get hand tremors; my heart beats so fast that, at times, it goes crazy. These symptoms picked up a progressive course within the last year.

I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. I was eating everything a teenager would want to eat without having to worry about gain weight. Yes, you read it right; I was eating cheeseburgers, pizzas and drinking fizzy drinks while my friends used to envy me for not gaining any weight. However, deep inside, I knew something was not right with me.

Diarrhea, irregular periods, shaky hands were making my life difficult.

Despite eating five meals per day, I was almost always hungry. My jeans were getting loose, my rings were not fitting well, and I hated dressing up. Furthermore, when diarrhea started, it made me lose more weight, and my palpitations got worse. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears.

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As my periods got erratic, my dreams of becoming a mother were fading away. My relationship was suffering as I was bleeding every other 15-20 days and could not keep track of my periods.

I looked like a stick, and doctors kept referring me to therapy sessions.

I tried multiple doors for help, but no one took my symptoms seriously. Everyone thought my symptoms were due to anxiety, as I used to shiver as soon as doctors asked me to spread my arms. I thought this would be my life now… going for anxiety therapy every two days a week.

I kept searching for any treatment for my symptoms, but it kept showing cancer as my disease, which further aggravated my symptoms and made my doctors believe that I am anxious.

Your Doctors Online came as a blessing in disguise.

Then one lucky night, while sobbing in my pillow, I randomly typed my symptoms and wrote online consultation; there, I met my angel in disguise, Your Doctors Online. I opened their page without any hopes, went through feedback from their patients, and thought to give it a try as it was a free trial. A doctor immediately connected with me, and I breathe a sigh of relief that it was genuine.

The doctor was calm and professional; she made me feel relaxed and comfortable. It was like chatting with a friend or a one-on-one session without having to sit in a clinic.

A picture of my neck showed a lump – that was my thyroid gland!

While she noted down my symptoms and asked me to show her a picture of my neck, I got worried about why she is asking for a neck picture? The doctor assured me that it is a secure portal and to diagnose my case, she will need it.

The moment I sent her the pictures, the doctor asked me if I can feel a lump on my neck. I started touching my neck, and yes, I could feel the lump – a large, firm, mobile lump on my neck that I was not paying attention to. I always thought it is due to weight loss.

The doctor further asked me if I had any blood tests done to check my thyroid hormone levels or if anyone in my family has any thyroid diseases. I immediately called my mother to ask about the family history, and it came as a shock to me; my mother had been on thyroid medications since she was pregnant with me.

It was all making sense why this doctor was asking me about thyroid. The doctor diagnosed me with hyperthyroidism.

Pain and Nipple Discharge from my Left Breast had me Convinced that I had Breast Cancer.

Hyperthyroidism can be mistaken for diabetes or anxiety.

Yes, I was diagnosed with HYPERTHYROIDISM. The thyroid gland in my neck was releasing an increased amount of hormone in my body, which lead to an increase in heart rate, diarrhea, erratic periods, hot flushed skin, weight loss, increase hunger, tremors.

The doctor informed that the symptoms could be mistaken for diabetes or anxiety. However, it is important to do blood tests to see the level of thyroid hormone so that I can start medications accordingly.

She also suggested I get a neck ultrasound done to check for any abnormalities.

The doctor arranged a follow-up where I went back to her with all my investigations. She confirmed the diagnosis, and I started hyperthyroidism medications.

I have to take medication for hyperthyroidism forever, but I am happy to get the right diagnosis.

Thanks to Your Doctors Online, I was given treatment for hyperthyroidism. The doctor also referred me to an endocrinologist for adjusting the medications according to hormone levels in the blood.

I am finally leaving all the cheeseburgers for you guys because now my appetite is in control, I do not feel hungry all the time, my handwriting has improved thanks to no tremors. My sex life has become amazing as I get regular periods.

Thank you to the doctors of Your Doctors Online.

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