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YourDoctors.Online is a web based, mobile friendly portal providing medical consultations and second opinions for patients with chronic medical conditions. Using our cutting edge digital healthcare platform, you, or a loved one, has access to knowledgeable specialists that will help you make a more informed medical decision. Our simple process will allow you to get opinions on diagnosis, prognosis and a treatment plan from the comfort of your own home.

YourDoctors.Online helps you:

  • Better understand your medical condition.
  • Confirm a diagnosis or treatment plan through an expert review of your medical records.

YourDoctors.Online is designed to provide easy access to second opinion services, helping you, or your loved one, with the following:

  • Obtain answers to important health questions that your current specialist is unable to address.
  • Access other global leading specialists with expertise in a specific area.
  • Obtain valuable peace of mind, knowing you are on the right course for your medical condition.
  • Reassurance that the procedure, treatment or surgery recommended will provide the desired medical outcome.

When facing major medical decisions, it is vital to obtain a second opinion and consultation service. Accurate diagnosis and treatment plans increase the recovery rate and avoid unnecessary medical treatments and procedures that could be costly. Doctors suggest getting a second opinion before non-emergency surgeries, long-term treatments, and major operations for this very reason. If you are unsure, or just want to confirm your current course of treatment, a second opinion can give you the confidence and knowledge about your treatment that you deserve.

As a matter of fact, most treating physicians welcome a second opinion from other respected experts in their specialty. They also gain access to information regarding innovative diagnostic and treatment regimens that might not be available in their local communities.

YourDoctors.Online is an open platform connecting patients with leading specialists around the world. You can easily setup an initial free account. Our trusted specialists set their own pricing for providing a second opinion, allowing you to choose which specialist is right for you based upon experience, qualifications, expertise and availability. The cost of a typical consultation ranges from $150 to $600 US currency, depending on the specialty type and number of specialists available. Prices cover a 45 to 60 minute consultation, which includes a review of your medical case, obtaining further information (if required), forming medical opinions, along with developing a final report with further questions answered within 7 days of the report’s submission. The YourDoctors.Online processing fee is included in the price.

The “30 day money back guarantee” means refund of all fees (minus the 10% transaction cost) and is applicable ONLY if one or more of the health questions asked by the patient/client have not been adequately answered by the specialist. Please note that this does not apply if the specialist is unable to respond to questions due to lack of relevant information (e.g., CT scan, MRI reports etc.).

The claim process can be initiated by raising a dispute for review by the YourDoctors.Online medical panel and applicable refund will be processed for all valid claims.

YourDoctors.Online covers most medical conditions – primarily complex, chronic and life threatening medical issues. Cases commonly seen by YourDoctors.Online include medical conditions relating to the following fields: Oncology, cardiology, neurology, pediatric sub-specialties, orthopedics, rheumatology and pain management, among others, but are not limited to them as we continue to add more categories of medical specialty. It is important to understand that YourDoctors.Online does not cover acute emergencies.

Different government and private health plans have diverse requirements and limitations. It is important that you please check with your insurer if this service is covered under your plan. You will need to print the email receipt once you make the payment, which can be submitted for such coverage, if applicable. We do not take any responsibility of reimbursement, but will assist however we can.

No. The YourDoctors.Online report is meant only as a second opinion based on images and information that you provide. Our specialists do not physically examine you and therefore, no treatment should be solely pursued upon the YourDoctors.Online report. The report must be consulted upon with your personal physician who should then proceed to determine your recommended treatment plan.

YourDoctors.Online is meant for patients who have already received an initial diagnosis from their personal physician and would like to get an independent second opinion to help confirm or clarify the diagnosis. YourDoctors.Online helps reduce the risk of misdiagnosis and enables patients to make more informed decisions.

Your data is accessible only by theYourDoctors.Online registered doctor and/or specialist who you have carefully chosen to assign the case, as well as the case facilitator at YourDoctors.Online only. When it comes to handling patients’ medical information, YourDoctors.Online has always adhered to the highest standard of privacy. Today, we continue that strict practice when communicating with patients via our website. We ensure your medical case will be secured under strict privacy on the web through the following ways:

  • Registering and setting up your secure online account through our website.
  • Establishing your secure account ensures a secure connection between you and YourDoctors.Online.
  • Encrypting (scrambling) your information via Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption keys ensures your privacy as well.

Your computer securely and privately transfers your information to YourDoctors.Online, however, you must use a browser capable of 128-bit encryption, such as Google Chrome, Firefox (our two preferred search engines), as well as Safari or Internet Explorer 10. If our system detects that your browser does not meet this specification, we will notify you and instruct you to upgrade your browser.

Based on the comprehensive medical information you provide, the YourDoctors.Online specialist will send you a very thorough second opinion based on your initial diagnosis and treatment plan. The YourDoctors.Online specialist will also make every effort to give you an expert answer to all the questions posed during the initial case submission. Hence it is extremely important to note that you clearly state your top 3-4 questions in the section.

Yes, we meet or exceed all federal requirements for protecting personal health information (PHI) of patients under the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). We do this using technology and smart business practices. The technology we employ encrypts and stores all PHI securely while still allowing for the physician to access critical information easily and quickly. Our business practice is to only collect the information we need at the time we need it.

We follow HIPAA guidelines and professional practices, as we feel that this compliance offers the most comprehensive patient privacy protection worldwide. We believe this crucial step will assist in our valued bonds of trust with our consumers.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal program passed by the United States Congress that requires all medical records and other individually identifiable health information used or disclosed by us in any form, whether electronically, on paper, or orally, to be kept properly confidential. This Act gives you, the patient, certain additional rights to understand and control how your health information is used. HIPAA enforces penalties for covered entities that misuse personal health information. Please see the HIPAA checklist provided on our website.

CANCELLATION: We understand that unplanned issues can come up and you may need to cancel your case.  Should that happen, we respectfully ask for submitted cases to be cancelled within 8 hours by sending an email with the Registered Patient Name to Our staff want to be available for your needs and the needs of all our clients.  When a patient does not want to continue for a scheduled case and the specialist has been engaged, another patient loses an opportunity to be seen. 100% reimbursement minus transaction charges due to third party (eg., paypal charges 3% for each transaction) will be done for cancellations within 8 hours period.


CURRENCY & EXTRA CHARGES: All payments will be processed in US Dollars at the time of payment. is not responsible for any additional conversion fees, charges, exchange rates or additional charges levied by individual financial institutions or Credit Card companies.


REFUND& ARBITRATION POLICY: Please see the patient disclaimer for more details on refund policy. No refunds are available for completed report services by the specialist. We do allow 7 days after submission of final specialist completed report to ask for any clarifying questions. In case of arbitration, we would look at the questions asked by the patient and whether the specialist answered those questions, hence it is extremely important that you ask clear questions within the scope of work defined above.


You can begin by registering on the online patient portal. To enroll, you need to provide a few basic details about yourself. Once you have created an account, you can begin a case at any time. Cases can be initiated through the online Patient Dashboard, via the YourDoctors.Online mobile application, or from a desktop.

You should have the following information on hand when requesting a second opinion:

1) The patient’s complete medical image history (X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, pathology reports, etc.) from the treating physician who provided the initial diagnosis.

2) Additional medical information such as a description of any symptoms, previous treatments undergone, current medication, and dosage and any other pertinent information that will help the YourDoctors.Online specialist properly assess your case to provide you with an accurate second opinion.

3) Credit card or paypal information for payment registration.

In order to obtain these items, you will need to contact your local physician’s office or the facility where your tests were performed. While the process may vary, patients typically need to submit a written request for the information. The records may include paper files, pathology slides, X-rays and other radiology and laboratory findings. Requests normally include the patient’s name, address, birth date and dated signature. For your convenience, we have drafted a letter template that you may find useful to print and send to your physician’s office to request your medical records.

Once you select the specialists and payment has been made, our case facilitator reviews everything for completeness. We submit the case within 8 hours of receiving the case, assuming no document is missing. We allow each prioritized doctor to accept the case within 24 hours. If a case is not accepted in that time, we move to the next expert specialist you have chosen. The average time from the initial case submission to the delivery of the specialist’s second opinion report is generally 14 days. The complexity of your case and the length of time it takes to receive your medical records and pathology may also be a time factor. Typically, an expert’s second opinion report is provided within 3 to 5 business days of receiving all medical records.

No. YourDoctors.Online medical second opinions are all performed remotely. Therefore, there is no need for an in-person exam. The YourDoctors.Online specialist will provide your second opinion after carefully reviewing all of the comprehensive medical information that you have provided which includes your local doctor’s findings during your physical exam.

It is not an essential service or part of the consultation; however, it is at the sole discretion of the specialist to choose to include video or audio as part of the consultation. Proper application is required on both patient and specialist (eg., chrome, firefox) for this application to work. Hence we do not provide any guarantees that the application will work seamlessly. Specialists are able to see if the patient is online (ie., on portal) and could decide to allow a video conference BUT this service is not included in the service charges. It is on sole discretion of the specialist.

It is important that our specialists have access to all of your original test results and other medical information in order to render the most comprehensive second opinion for you. If there is something on the checklist that you cannot obtain, please email at or call the YourDoctors.Online office at 1-844-4MARKITto determine if we are still able to proceed with your online second opinion request.

To attach a CD that contains medical images or software, please follow the below tutorial

For Windows Users:

1. Load your CD with medical information

2. Double-Click on “My Computer”, right-click on the CD-ROM that contains the medical information and click “Open”.

3. Select all the files, by hitting “Ctrl” and “A” together.

4. After all items are selected, right click on all of the selected files.

5. Select “Send to”, and “Compressed (zipped) folder”.

6. Place the compressed (zipped) folder on the desktop.

7. Wait for the compression of the files to finish. The times of compression will vary from the size of the CD, and the speed of your CD-ROM.

8. Rename the newly created zip file on your desktop to something more appropriate.

9. Once the file is zipped, it is ready for attachment to your case.

For Mac Users:

1. Open a “Archive Utility” by searching it Mac’s spotlight

2. Ensure that the preferences of your Archive Utility is set to your Desktop by clicking “Archive Utility”, then selecting “Preferences”, and ensuring that “Save archived files:” is selected as “into Desktop”

3. Click “File” and “Create Archive”

4. Go up directories, until you see your Macintosh hard drive and select your CD-ROM that contains your medical information and select “Archive

5. Wait for the compression of the files to finish. The times of compression will vary from the size of the CD, and the speed of your CD-ROM.

7. Rename the newly created zip file on your desktop to something more appropriate.

8. Once the file is zipped, it is ready for attachment to your case.

We understand that you may have some additional questions once you receive your second opinion report. After receiving the completed report, you will have 7 days to request any clarification from the specialist on any aspects of the report.

See our cancellation policies above.

Each specialist on YourDoctors.Online sets their own consulting price. These prices usually reflect the rates charged in their province, state or country where they practice, as well as their level of expertise, demand for their services and whether they are available for a video / audio chat. It is our desire that we offer the best available specialist for the most competitive price point as we provide
1. Hassle free & simple online consultation to patient hence no admin staff required
2. Malpractice coverage for consulting provided on this portal provided by YourDoctors.Online
3. And have invested heavily to automate the patient doctor interaction model (hence no hospital administrative fee)
We believe the average consulting fee would vary from US$300 to US$500 based on the above set criteria although their might be specialists who could charge higher than this this market range.


By checking on the box, your membership fee is deducted from your credit card or paypal account automatically each month.

In case you need to cancel, you will be required to simply send us an email at

Any credit card charges already paid for over the past months cannot be reimbursed. In case you would like to raise a dispute, please put that as a subject line when you send in the email to

The benefit of our service is that we give you unlimited access to chat with not only a doctor but also a psychologist, dietitian, travel doctor and even veterinarian (coming soon) so that you can ask any medical question (advice) for yourself, your family, and even your pet (coming soon). You do not have to call 1-800 number and talk to a nurse and wait for a response or even wait in long queues at the walk in and imagine if you get a man doctor – we service you only with women doctors so you can discuss any personal or confidential concerns.
They will not be able to prescribe you a medicine but can certainly give you opinion on how important is the issue or not and whether to seek specialist opinion or not.

We have:

  • Specialists  /doctors pre-vetted (1 week process) ONLY from top Hospitals in US and Canada
  • Our Brand ambassador is Dr. Richard Honaker, Voted Best Doc in Texas and Dallas several years in a row
  • 30+ years of experience dealing with women health issues
  • See Dr. Honaker’s live webinar on depression and anxiety

You can pay via:

  • Master credit or debit card
  • Paypal is also available
  • Works globally (managed by Paypal company Braintree)

For us, security is top priority. Our data is HiPAA compliant and is stored in Canada and US using World class Amazon Services. Our service is secure, private, encrypted and the credit card information is not stored.

We suggest that you try us for only one month and we are sure you will like the flexibility and service we provide. We also offer 30 day money back guarantee for new members and we will pay you back if you do not like our service.

  • Over 150+ North American specialists from best hospitals universities
  • Covered by various news and PR (see website)
  • Over 40K+ patient visits in last one year only – 600+ patient registrations
  • calls us most disruptive  in patient care
  • recent coverage (link on website)
  • Forbes, HuffPost, Yahoo, Google News and many more cover us

Yes, of course. We suggest that you become a member and test us for a month. We have a 30 day money back guarantee (email to to unsubscribe) and it is a no-commitment membership as the payment is made from month to month.

No, the doctors only give unlimited advice on medical questions, situations and what to do next and which specialist to seek medical opinion. If it is a simple issue via a chat box or email, they will give limited medical consultant based on our standard disclaimers

Please visit nearest hospital (read our disclaimer)

No, they can ONLY advice and not prescribe medicine anywhere in the world.

We are launching soon (beta launch August 2017) which will focus on that B2B / Business opportunities at an attractive offer. Contact Usman Khan @ for more information

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