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You can now get lab requisitions online from the comfort of your home. Get lab tests ordered online within minutes after a consultation with our online doctor. Connect with our doctor from your cellphone, tablet, or computer at any time to get lab work online.

How to get a lab requisition online?

Our board-certified doctors are available 24/7 to order lab work online, such as urine and blood testing.


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Getting a lab tests online is easy

Doctors can order laboratory tests online for many medical conditions after a consultation. The doctor may also request audio or video for further information about the lab requisition during the consultation. Please note that lab tests ordered online will be based on your specific symptoms and case. You can download and print the lab test requisition and take the blood test requisition to any lab of your choice in Canada. As soon as your results are in, you will be notified. However, results can take time to be processed. If you require a follow-up appointment, you will be informed.

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FAQs about lab requisitions

What is a laboratory requisition?

Healthcare professionals use a lab requisition form to request laboratory tests such as blood or urine testing. They are also called test requisitions.

How long does it take to get blood test results?

If you require a general laboratory requisition or a blood test requisition, you can get that online, but the time to get the results vary as per investigation and depend on the lab facility where you get the test at.

How do online lab test requisitions work?

If you are looking for a requisition for blood work or bloodwork without a doctor, you can simply download our app, Your Doctors Online, consult with our doctor and get an email with the lab request form within minutes. You can then use the requisition to get tested at any lab facility that is convenient.

How to get a blood test without a doctor?

You can order labs online without visiting or following up with your doctor. Our physicians can provide you with a medical requisition for the required tests. The lab tests ordered online will be based on your specific symptoms and case. If you are looking for a blood work requisition form, your search for at-home blood test Canada has concluded. Download our app and get your requisition in your inbox within minutes.

How much do labs cost?

The ministry usually covers the cost if you have a valid health card. However, there are certain tests that you may have to pay out of your pocket, and the cost of the test would depend on the facility where you get tested. You may thoroughly research your vicinity for cheap blood tests or affordable labs near me.

How to get a blood test in Canada?

Getting a blood work requisition, finding cheap lab tests, or booking a blood test appointment for private blood tests can be a hassle, but not anymore. You can get a general laboratory requisition form for the required tests by consulting with one of our doctors at Your Doctors Online.

How long is a lab requisition valid in Ontario?

You can take the online blood work to any lab of your choice in Canada and get the tests at your convenience. Laboratory Requisitions are valid for 6 months after the date that they are issued.

How do you read lab results?

The lab results are emailed to the doctor, who can interpret the results for you. Usually, normal ranges of the results are provided alongside your readings which can be compared with your results/values. However, it is best to get a physician's opinion for a better understanding.

Is a lab requisition the same as a prescription?

Healthcare professionals use a lab requisition to request laboratory tests such as blood or urine testing. In contrast, a medical prescription includes the medication that a doctor has prescribed you.

How quickly will the doctor call with the blood test results?

The time it takes for our doctor to get back to you with your results depends on when we receive your test results. Our doctors with contact you within 1 week of you receiving the requisition. However, it can take 1-4 weeks for your lab to send us the results.

What is a purpose of a requisition?

A requisition is a form issuing a specific order. For example, a lab requisition is required for blood work or other lab tests. It contains the patient registration information, billing information, specimen information, barcoded specimen labels and a provider order for confirmation of testing.

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