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No need to hustle to the doctor’s office to get a doctor’s note, instead get your medical note from our online doctor 24/7. Whether you need an excuse note for exams or a sick note for work, our online doctors will assist you within minutes, address your medical issue, and provide you with the doctor’s note right away.

Common reasons for getting doctor's note

Doctor's note for work

Validate your absence with a doctor’s note for urgent medical conditions.

Doctor's note for school

Justify your absence and secure exam leave with a doctor’s note.

Remote work sick note

Apply for remote work with a doctor’s note for medical reasons.

Doctor's note renewal

Stay validated with a renewed doctor’s note for your medical absence within minutes.

Online doctor's note for pregnancy

Taking maternity leave is easy with an online doctor’s note available 24/7.

Doctor's note for medical check-up

Validate your absence for a medical appointment with a doctor’s note.

Doctor's note for medical condition

Diagnosed with a serious medical condition? Get a doctor’s note online.

Contagious infection doctor's note

Validate your leave due to infections like flu and COVID-19 with a doctor’s note.

Why choose Your Doctors Online?

Getting a doctor’s note from Your Doctors Online is easy and has the following perks:

  • Fast and reliable
  • No appointment or wait times
  • Customized doctor’s note for work or school
  • Verifiable doctor’s note from board-certified doctors
  • Cost less than your travel expense to a doctor’s office

Your Doctors Online lets you quickly connect with a doctor to get an online sick note. Furthermore, all doctors’ notes, online prescriptions, and lab requisitions are provided at the doctor’s discretion. You’ll receive a digital copy of the online doctor’s notes for work or school, with the doctor’s signature.

We live by our promise and strive to impact your health outcomes positively, and if necessary, we will provide a sick note so you can take the time you need to recover comfortably at home.

How to get doctor's note online

Connect with a virtual doctor and get online doctor's note in minutes.


Describe your issue

Download our app, register and tell us about your medical issue to get started.

  • Dirrhea
  • Sexual Health
  • Anemia
  • STD
  • UTI
  • Covid


Chat with a doctor

Connect with a board-certified doctor. You can chat, send pictures and videos.

Hi I’m Dr. Nicole. How may I help you?

Hi Dr. Nicole, I have diarrhea and fever and I missed work. Can I get medical notes for time off work?


Doctor's note

Our online doctors can help you with your medical issues and doctor notes.

Medical Notes

  • The patient was unable to work/attend school for medical reasons on the dates indicated below:
  • Aug 8, 2023

Doctor’s Note

FAQs about online doctor's note

Who can get a doctor’s note?

A doctor’s note is provided to patients suffering from a medical condition seeking a doctor’s written note to take off from school or work. You can get new doctor’s notes and renew old doctor’s notes.

When can I get a doctor's note?

You can get a doctor’s note from primary or urgent care doctors for severe medical conditions, including injuries, hospitalization, medical appointments, contagious conditions like COVID-10 or seasonal viral flu, pregnancy, long-term medical conditions, and diagnosed medical conditions.

How are doctors' notes written?

The doctor’s notes are written based on the patient’s brief description, including their name, date of birth, and any other identity information. Then the doctor describes the issue the patient is dealing with and the duration of off from work or school due to the seriousness of the respective condition. The doctor may include the list of symptoms and treatment plan as well.

Where can I get a doctor's note?

You can get a doctor’s note from the comfort of your home from board-certified online doctors at Your Doctors Online. Whether you need a medical excuse note for school or work, our doctors will provide you with one in minutes after consultation 24/7.

Can an online doctor give me a sick note?

An online doctor can provide sick notes as long as your condition is genuinely severe. Therefore, after a short consultation as per your preferred consultation type (audio/video/text), our online doctor provides you with the online sick note within minutes.

What should a return to work note say?

A return to work note is often required in the professional setting, reminding your supervisor about the reason of your absence from work, the date of your rejoining the work after leave, and the follow-up on your professional responsibilities.

Why do I need a doctor's note to return to work?

You might need a doctor’s note for returning to work or school, in which your doctor will state the reason for your absence depending upon the severity of your medical issue, which might be any contagious condition or physical injury. This ensures your employer knows about the seriousness of the condition and serves as legal proof of your absence from work.

Can I return to work without a note?

It solely depends on the company’s leave protocol and your employer’s requirements. Mostly, it is required as a legal proof of your absence from work and can be obtained from a relevant online doctor as well.

Why not use fake notes?

Fake doctor’s notes can cause embarrassment and pose the risk of penalty by your school or office. Instead, you should get real doctors’ notes from the doctor’s office or using online telehealth clinics like Your Doctors Online.

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