How Does Telemedicine Improve the Patient Experience?

benefits of telemedicine

How does telemedicine improve the patient experience? With the medical field becoming more and more competitive, many practitioners are seeking a way to put their practice at an advantage. If you are seeking a better outcome for your ROI, you need to consider the patient experience.  The patient experience starts well before the first examination. […]

How to Keep Your Patients From Missing Appointments

How to stop missed appointments

Keep your practice running smoothly by following our tips on how to keep your patients from canceling their appointments.    Missed appointments are a genuine concern for medical practices around the world. Patient Prompt reported that with an average appointment cost of $125 in the United States, a 13% missed appointment rate would result in […]

16 Easy Ways to Market your Medical Practice

market your medical practice

Learn how to market your practice to easily increase your patient list!    Marketing your medical practice is not always easy. Marketing your practice is important. Whether you have just started a new practice and are ready to welcome patients or want to expand your practice; learning to market your practice is not something they […]

How to Set up Telehealth for Your Small Clinic

the best way to set up telehealth for your small clinic

Telehealth is an easy and affordable way to easily modernize your practice and delight your patient list. But what is really involved in setting up telemedicine services?    There is no doubt that the scope of modern medicine is changing. Today’s modern patient is busy, technologically savvy, and in need of modern solutions. While the […]

A Healthy Return to School with Advice from a Doctor

Covid 19 in school

Preparing to go back to school is going to look different this year. Parents, teachers and children will be returning to a different kind of school environment and many parents are concerned about how it may affect their family’s health.  Families have a right to be concerned. In Israel schools were reopened in May after […]

5 Ways to Nourish a Healthy Immune System

5 ways to nourish a healthy immune system

A healthy immune system is your body’s natural defense against germs and viruses. Keeping your immune system healthy can mean the difference between a healthy winter and a serious illness. Check out 5 ways to nourish your immune system.    2020 has brought a ‘new normal’ filled with masks and hand sanitizer around the world. […]

The 5 Germiest Things you Touch Everyday (and how to avoid them!)

avoid touching 5 germiest things

Contact with germs is inevitable, but you can lower your risk of infection by recognizing the 5 germiest thing you touch everyday (and how to avoid them).    Whether we like it or not, germs are all around us. In fact, about a trillion microorganisms live on your skin and make up 1 to 3% […]

The Best Foods to Boost your Immunity

foods to boost immunity

Stay healthy with these immunity boosting foods.  Right now it is more important than ever to keep a healthy immune system. Your immune system is important. It acts as a protective barrier to sheild the body from disease caused by bacteria, viruses and toxins. A strong immune system can be a great support to help […]

“Your Doctors Online Lets me Talk to a Doctor & Avoid the Germs”

avoid germs chat online

In the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), it seems that any cough or sneeze can send people into a panic. However, this current health scare shouldn’t make it impossible to access healthcare.    Dana’s husband started feeling feverish with a dry cough at work. While he had not travelled recently, he had been to the […]

5 Ways to Keep Kids Healthier During the Cold and Flu Season

keep kids healthier during cold & flue

Protect your kids during the cold and flu season with our germ-fighting tips!   No one likes getting sick, but when your child is the one who is suffering it is even worse. Working parents often have an even harder time with their child’s illness as they have the added difficulty of sorting childcare, missing […]