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11 Seriously Arousing Health Benefits of Sex Just for Women

Submitted and Medically Reviewed By: Richard Honaker M.D.

You can toss your anti-wrinkle creams and boost your heart health just by having more sex. The health benefits of sex for women are undeniable.

Backed by research, you and your partner can look and feel seven years younger and beat stress by simply having a few more romantic evenings. Or mornings. Or afternoons.

In fact, one study published in Psychological Reports found that people who had sex one to two times per week had a boost in immune health. The health benefits of intercourse for woman may just increase your overall health and wellness.

Let’s take a closer look the following 11 seriously arousing health benefits of sex just for women.

1. Boost Your Fertility

One of the top health benefits of sex women and men love to hear is that it boosts fertility. If you and your partner are planning a future pregnancy, more time in the bedroom could help.

Keeping sperm fresh via lots of intercourse could help plant the baby seed. Getting to the bedroom business more often can also balance your hormones, thus regulating your periods and boosting fertility.

2. Do You Want to Look Younger?

Looking younger is another fantastic health benefits of sex for women. According to Dr. David Weeks, a clinical neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, those with love in their life looked five to seven years younger.

3. Health Benefits Include Living Longer Too

Sex and its health benefits can make you look younger and live longer too. Women who climax up to three times per week lowered their mortality rate by 50 percent, according to an Australian study.

4. Burn Belly Fat

Did you know that most health benefits of sex for women start with the core? This is because most positions in the heat of passion are core specific exercises. Spending more time between the sheets can burn up to 100 calories per session. That equates to 5,000 calories per year if you and your partner get busy two times per week.

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5. Battle Colds and the Flu

Cold and flue season is simply no fun. But having more intercourse certainly is! The health benefits of sex include a boost in immune health due to raised levels of immunoglobulin A, or IgA.

6. Keep Diseases Down by Using the Health Benefits of Sex

An increase of your body’s DHEA, which is a natural steroid, may keep you fit. Being more fit can keep chronic diseases down. This is definitely one of the great health benefits of sex for women.

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7. Take Period Cramps Away

Many women agree that period cramps decrease after a romantic moment. Researchers believe that this is due to the muscle contractions during orgasms, leading to relief of your uterus.

8. Lower Incontinence Risk

One of the health benefits of sex is lowering your risk for incontinence. This is because intercourse is an exercise for your pelvic floor muscles. The stronger they are, the bigger impact on incontinence.

9. Improve Heart Health

Sex may prevent a heart attack, according to a study published in The American Journal of Cardiology. The study found that having sex once a month or less increased the risk of cardiovascular disease.

10. Health Benefits of Sex Include Less Wrinkles

Do you want wrinkle-free skin without surgery and creams? If you do, simply have more sex. The hormone estrogen increases significantly during the deed, and this can pump up your skin to get those wrinkles out. Certainly one of the greatest health benefits for women wanting youthful skin again.

11. Lower Your Blood Pressure

Health benefits of sex improve heart health, and may help lower your blood pressure. In fact, researchers at the University of lloran in Nigeria found that early morning romance has the biggest impact for lowering your blood pressure.

The health benefits of sex are clear, and the above are simply only a few of them. If you have sexual health questions, or women’s health questions regarding pregnancy or STDs, our doctors have the answers.

You can contact physician specialists like Dr. Maureen Fleming, OBGYN, to discuss your women’s health issues today . . .

About Dr. Fleming: I had a thriving practice for 25 years in general obstetrics and gynecology. My patients told me I was kind and gentle. I also enjoyed working with Creighton University’s medical school. I taught residents and students. I especially enjoyed obstetrics and surgery. Endometriosis, pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, cervical dysplasia and pelvic masses were special areas of interest.

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