7 Crossfit Injuries Training Tips Just for Women

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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Crossfit injuries serve as a sign something’s wrong with what you’re doing in your crossfit training routines. There could be incorrect movements present. This could cause the pain that you’re feeling, and the injury that follows.

Remember that no matter how simple your workout may be, even walking, there will be pain and injury if the movements are not stopped, corrected, or adjusted.

Here are 7 of the best training tips just for women to avoid those annoying crossfit injuries.

1. Be Aware of Your Weaknesses

Know what your physical limitations are. In crossfit training, it’s very important for you to know the areas that need improvement in order for you to arrange a game plan on how you can resolve the weak links. This will help you avoid any probable injuries that may arise from said weaknesses.

7 Crossfit Injuries Training Tips Just for Women

2. You Can’t Make Progress if You’re in Pain

Listen to your body. Don’t ignore the painful signs. Training tips just for women suggest that if your hip is sore or painful, then adding weights to your front squats will only make it worse.

3. Consider Your Crossfit Options

Practicing a specific movement with more repetitions does not guarantee improvements. If it doesn’t feel right, the best way to achieve improvements is to work around it. Make adjustments. This will allow progress without stressing your body towards crossfit injuries.

If let’s say it doesn’t feel right when you do strict barbell press, try to do a push press, a kettlebell press, or a kettlebell snatch. If it still doesn’t feel right, consult a physiotherapist.

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7 Crossfit Injuries Training Tips Just for Women

4. Focus On Recovery

Doing your workout of the day may pose too much stress on your body. If you are able to recover and adapt to this stress, then you will get even stronger. But, if the stress is more than you can handle, you will just go down the path of crossfit injuries.

Crossfit training coaches recommend that you focus on recovery first. Get enough sleep, eat healthy, relax and meditate, and do light exercises that are specifically aimed for your recovery. These training tips just for women will make your recovery even faster.

5. Train Unilaterally

Since we are naturally asymmetrical, we perform bilateral tasks like walking, cycling, and rowing. We feed into the asymmetry. If we don’t change at least one thing, it could lead us to having crossfit injuries. It would be best to perform at least one unilateral crossfit training day per week.

If you can’t incorporate this in your routines, then try Turkish get-ups as part of your warm-up routine. And these training tips are not just for women. These are applicable to men as well.

6. Everything Begins and Ends with Your Core

Training tips just for women clearly state that the core is absolutely important for maintaining quality movement patterns, whether it is breathing or high-threshold lifts. In crossfit training, when lifters sacrifice their core stability just to complete a specific movement, problems occur.

Your shoulders and hips are forced to move the body while stabilizing it. The double duty that these body parts perform will propel them to getting crossfit injuries. Prevent this from happening by making sure that your knots are tied to the right place and that core stability is your priority in every lift.

7. Know When to PR

You can’t achieve a personal record every time you work-out. Improving performance has many variables. Crossfit training coaches agree that if you go for it with every lift every time, then you’re just adding more stress to your body. And if you can’t handle the additional stress, your performance will just decrease.

Gains will even be prevented, and chances of getting crossfit injuries will be greater. What’s the best thing to do? Training tips just for women tell us to be patient and set specific goals. Formulate a plan. Focus on getting only a few personal records at a time. Listen to your body’s readiness.

Preventing injuries from crossfit training will seem like a walk in the park if you listen to your body’s condition and diligently follow these training tips that are especially written just for women. You will enjoy your trainings even more and you’ll get closer to achieving your personal record targets.

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