Sunscreen Lotion Beauty Tips and Tricks for Summer Sun

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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Sunscreen lotion beauty tips and tricks are very fitting now that spring has already come. People will be gearing up for spring break getaways. The usual activities would be to buy lighter clothes, swimwear, and make vacation reservations to some exotic or secluded location.

Just a healthy summer sun beauty tips reminder for everyone, don’t forget the sunscreen. But before you go out and buy a new one, check your stash at home first. You may find something that may still be usable.

Here are some of the sunscreen lotion beauty tips and tricks that would be very beneficial for everyone.

Always Check Expiration Dates

Never forget to check the expiration dates. If you do that before buying food or drinks, why not do it with your beauty products too? After all, you apply it on your skin and it covers your entire body. A great advice that should be included in all beauty tips suggestions.

Sunscreen and almost all beauty products out in the market today are effective until three years after it was manufactured. After three years, the ingredients used will no longer be effective. Some may still be effective after the date depending on the potency of the preservatives added.

If you have leftovers from last summer’s sunscreen lotion and still hasn’t reached the expiration date, then it’s still good for your usage.

If it’s already past the expiration date, then the following are more sunscreen lotion beauty tips and tricks involving expiration dates that will make you ready for some summer sun fun . . .

  • Look carefully if there are any discolorations, if it still looks the same then go ahead and use it, if it has already darkened or yellowed it should go in the trash.
  • Check for the smell as well. If it still smells nice, try to use it. If it already smells funny, throw it away. It has already gone bad.
  • If you’re not sure if it’ still usable, then don’t use it. When in doubt, throw it in the trash. It’s still better to be safe than sorry. Sunscreen is supposed to help protect your skin from the scorching summer sun, not burn it while you’re inside your home.

Sunscreen Lotion Beauty Tips and Tricks for Summer Sun

Always Check If The Container Has Been Compromised

If you have some leftover sunscreen lotion from last summer and it still hasn’t expired, feel free to use it. Just don’t forget to check if it has been left opened. There may have been creepy crawlers that have invaded it or laid eggs on it.

Here are more beauty tips and tricks to remember in terms of where the sunscreen has been, if it was left in a hot spot like the trunk or near the stove or oven for months, just throw it out. Heat degrades skin products and plastic containers.

Next, don’t use it anymore if the consistency became watery or clumpy. It might just cause skin irritations. One of the best beauty tips to live by is that you won’t be able to explore under the summer sun if you have bumps and rashes all over your skin. So, always be careful.

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Be Organized All The Time

Store your bottles in a cool and dark spot in your bedroom. Don’t leave it in the bathroom. The temperature from the hot shower will affect the effectivity of the sunscreen.  This is one of the greatest beauty tips ever for those who are always on the go.

Put your sunscreen lotion in a tightly sealed plastic bag and keep it inside your favorite beach tote. Whenever there’s an immediate beach outing, you can just grab your favorite beach tote and you’re good to go and have fun in the summer sun.

Sunscreen Lotion Beauty Tips and Tricks for Summer Sun

Apply Generous Amounts

Always apply the right amount of sunscreen. Don’t go cheap on yourself. Put an ounce of sunscreen lotion on your whole body.

The following are more beauty tips to follow to get ready for your summer sun getaways . . .

  • For your lips, apply four back and forth passes of lip balm.
  • For your face, choose a moisturizer rich in SPF and wear it every day.
  • Loving yourself more is one of the best beauty tips and tricks ever. So, there shouldn’t be any leftovers.  

The Best Products For Your Face

Daily Use

Pick a sunscreen that features an SPF 15, it will be enough while you commute to your office. It will be lightweight enough that can be worn under your chosen makeup for the day. This is one of the most basic beauty tips and tricks for everyone. Remember to put on some protection even if the sun isn’t out.

Damage Prevention

Choose a product that has peptides and vitamin B3. Peptides avert formation of any fine lines, while vitamin B3 aids in faster skin renewal. Beauty tips always tell us that sunscreen is the best anti-aging product today. Why do you think? It’s simply because it prevents wrinkles and pigmentations from developing while you have fun under the summer sun.

Outdoor Action

Opt for a sunscreen that has a broad spectrum of at least SPF 30 during beach days, especially if you have fair skin. Lighter skin tones are more susceptible to sun damage. One of the most soothing beauty tips today is to try getting a product that has aloe for a calming effect on sensitive skin.

Using leftovers is a great way of saving money, so you can use the money for more important things. Just remember to not overdo it. If it could cause further damage instead of being able to save, don’t take the risk. You’ll just end up spending more money for any treatment. So, review the beauty tips and tricks listed above, you might find one that would suit your lifestyle.    

Submitted by Dr. Richard Honaker:

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