Your Doctors Online Protects my Daughter’s Sexual Health

Your Doctors Online Protects my Daughter’s Sexual Health

Saeeda always had an open and honest relationship with her daughter. Yet when it came to protecting her daughter’s sexual health she knew she needed to put a doctor in her daughter’s pocket. 

“My daughter was entering university and leaving home for the first time. I knew that I wanted her to have access to someone who could answer the questions she wouldn’t feel comfortable asking me.” 

Becoming sexually active is a milestone that comes with many questions. Many of those are not always comfortable to ask or answer. 

“I wanted to give my daughter an option to get her sexual health questions answered that isn’t relying on her friends or the internet.”  

Googling your symptoms can be Problematic

One million medical searches are performed each day. That breaks down to 70,000 each minute. Unfortunately, these searches do not always yield dependable results

A 2007 study found that almost 40 % of medical articles on Wikipedia contained ‘critical omissions.’ Considering this is one of the most frequently visited medical sources online, this is very concerning. 

“I wasn’t comfortable or knowledgeable enough to talk to my daughter about her sex life. I knew I wanted to make sure she was getting her questions answered by a real doctor,” said Saeeda. 

Sexual Health Questions Answered Without the Embarrassment

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Asking the important questions about your sexual health isn’t always easy. Many people struggle to ask questions to their family doctor, especially when they have had a long relationship. They can fear being judged or not want to ask questions in front of their children or partner. They may just be embarrassed.

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Your Doctors Online is a great way to connect with an experienced physician online without the embarrassment. Our members have access to a real doctor 24 hours a day at the touch of a button. With Your Doctors Online you can get all of your sexual health questions answered with an embarrassment-free online chat. You can send pictures and video to get all of your symptoms evaluated and get real medical advice from the comforts of home. 

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Protect Your Health and Your Fertility

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Taking care of yourself when you have a cold or flu is second nature-but what about when you are having symptoms associated with an STD? 

Many sexually transmitted infections and diseases cause many uncomfortable and often embarrassing symptoms that require treatment. Yet treating the symptoms of an STD or STI is just one part of protecting your health. Prevention is key to protect your sexual health. Putting a doctor in the pocket of a young sexually active person is a valuable asset. 

“My daughter doesn’t share with me what she discusses with the doctors on the app, but she has chatted with the doctors several times. She gets the answers she needs while still keeping her private life private.”

Protecting your sexual health can also help protect your fertility. Many STDs and STIs can cause little to no symptoms, especially in women, but can lead to infertility.  Chlamydia is a common culprit.

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A New Approach to Your Health

Your Doctors Online Protects my Daughter’s Sexual Health

Your Doctors Online makes managing your family’s health easier than ever. Not only do you have round-the-clock access to our team of professional and experienced doctors, but you also have a host of amazing features to organize your healthcare information. 

Our medical records tool organizes all of your health information in one easy place. Your blood type, allergies, immunization information, and insurance information are available for your entire family at the touch of a button. 

We also have medication reminders to make sure that you never miss a dose of your medications, vitamins, or need to second guess if your little one is due for another dose of antibiotics. 

So what are you waiting for? Put a doctor in your pocket and start managing your health with the touch of a button. 

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