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I am Cara, 24 years old, and I am writing this to raise awareness and share the pain my husband and I went through due to fertility issues and how your doctors online helped me.

I always had regular periods with a 28 days cycle. Heavy bleeding for the first five days, sometimes with clots and sometimes without, gets lighter during the last two days. To my knowledge, I always thought having regular periods would help me get pregnant quickly, and I didn’t even know I was bleeding heavier than usual.

I got married and kept trying to conceive for 12 months with no luck.

I married last December, and my partner and I immediately started trying to conceive. We thought we were doing everything right. I was taking my prenatal meditations, monitoring ovulation dates, and whatnot.

But every 28 days, I had to bleed… same … heavy bleeding for five days with clots.

Everything seemed perfect because we did our best, and I noticed no change.

I never thought something could be wrong with my uterus.

Last year, due to covid-19, it became more challenging to get an appointment and see my doctor. In this angst, I stumbled upon Your Doctors Online.

I spoke with a real doctor within seconds of downloading the application.

As soon as I downloaded the application, it immediately connected me to a highly humble doctor after putting in general information about myself. She did not rush while chatting with me and made me feel comfortable with her.

Not for a second did I think it was a bot. You, too, will know once you chat with them.

Your Doctors Online helped me through my high risk pregnancy

Fibroid, an overgrowth of muscle within my uterus, was causing fertility issues.

The doctor asked me if I had ever had an ultrasound to check for any abnormalities in my uterus for heavy periods and clots. I thought that was the normal flow, so I never checked it. I always thought the pain and heavy bleeding were normal and that every girl goes through it. Well, now I know it was not expected.

The doctor at Your Doctors Online suggested that I get a pelvic ultrasound scan for fertility testing, as my symptoms pointed towards either a fibroid or endometrial polyp – the two most common causes of heavy bleeding.

After talking to the doctor, I was encouraged to find the exact reason. Luckily, I soon got an appointment for my ultrasound scan.

In the ultrasound scan, I found out the reason for my infertility: a muscular growth – a FIBROID was present, inhibiting the fetus from getting implanted within my uterus. This fibroid was occupying the space my baby would grow in.

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Thanks to Your Doctors Online, I got my fibroid removed in time.

I ran back to Your Doctors Online with my ultrasound scan with questions about my fertility, like what I should do now. Can it be cured? Or will I never conceive? I was never on any contraceptives or smoked or had alcohol; why did I get it?

The doctor relaxed me and explained that it is a muscular and fibrous growth that can increase in size under the influence of hormones, especially ESTROGEN. The cause is unknown so anyone can get it, and it is common in reproductive age groups and overweight females. She also told me that this fibroid could be treated with medications, and surgery could be done to remove it if that fails.

Mine was treated with medications, and I am 3 months pregnant today.

My doctor is always in my pocket!

My journey with Your doctors online did not end there. I have subscribed again and go back any day with just a click for my pregnancy-related symptoms.

Do not ever ignore any symptoms. Connect with Your Doctors Online just like I did!

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