My Baby Is Allergic To Water And Your Doctors Online Helped Me Discover That.

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Read how Your Doctors Online helped a mother take care of her child who is allergic to water.

My baby developed red rashes every day!

I am Anna, and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl after three boys. She was just a few weeks old when we noticed that she developed red rashes on her body.

It would happen often, but we would ignore it, thinking it may just be a baby rash. I had three tough boys, so I treated Lizzy like them, thinking that “okay, the boys must be playing with her, so this may have happened then.”

Anyways, with time I noticed her condition didn’t improve. Instead, she would cry and feel irritated all the time.

I noticed the rashes were getting worse, which had me worried.

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As her condition deteriorated, I felt helpless.

She turned 2, but she would not stop crying, and the rashes would not go away. I consulted many doctors and got an examination from several places, but they would all tell me it is an allergy.

An ALLERGY? To what? Why? Is there any permanent cure? What should I do?

No one gave me the answer. The doctors did not know why and how it was happening. They did not know what was wrong with my baby girl, and I felt so helpless. I did not know what to do. It was freaking me out, and I devoted all my time to Lizzy while ignoring my other children. I even quit my job.

All day long, I would sit there and ponder on what to do and how to fix my baby girl.

I found many online websites, including Your Doctors Online.

One day I decided to see for myself what the issue was or to seek guidance online.  I found Your Doctors Online. I didn’t know of this website before, so I thought to give it a try. Other applications did not help me much.

I started chatting with Dr. Fariah Hanif, and I told her everything. I was crying while talking to her, and she helped me calm down.

She asked me many questions like –

  • How did it start?
  • How long has it been there?
  • When does it get worse?
  • What is the thing that soothes her?

After asking me all these questions, she asked me if these rashes appeared after coming in contact with water and shockingly, I said YES! How did I never notice it?

Dr. Fariah then told me that Lizzy might have a condition called Aquagenic urticaria which means that my baby is allergic to water.

She told me how it happens and that it is very rare. She guided me so well and told me that it could be chlorine rather than the water itself.

I was devastated to hear as water is an essential element in life. Dr. Fariah told me that I need to see a pediatrician and ask doctors for a water challenge test.

The pediatrician confirmed that my baby is allergic to water!

After talking to Dr. Fariah on Your Doctors Online, I went to the doctor for a water challenge test. During this test, the doctor applied a water compress to Lizzy’s upper body to check for a reaction. The rash appeared began within 15 minutes.

To our shock, Lizzy was allergic to water!!

I did not know how to process the information. So, I went to Your Doctors Online and where they explained that there is no treatment. Only lifestyle changes can control her symptoms.

She told me that every time Lizzy came in contact with water, I had to give her an anti-histamine. And I did. I was so relieved that I found out the cause.

The team at Your Doctors Online supported me so much mentally and became my favourite application. I have been using it for the past year now, and I am very satisfied with the doctors. They are amazing!

My life has taken a huge turn thanks to Your Doctors Online.

I would advise everyone to seek a professional opinion regarding any issue they are facing. This platform is great, helping and economical.

I continue seeking every medical advice from Your Doctors Online professionals to date, be it the smallest issue, and they are always empathetic and available 24/7.

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