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Medically reviewed by Dr. Fizza Imtiaz

I followed the advice given by my doctor, and within a couple of months, the rash seemed to reduce in number. After sharing his current pictures, and she reassured me that it has improved. I can’t thank Dr. Shurooq enough for her patience and guidance. It brings me peace knowing that whenever I have any concerns, a doctor is one tap away.

Having children, especially toddlers is demanding and challenging. It is very worrying and distressing if a toddler gets a fever and rashes due to a swimming pool caused by molluscum contagiosum.

My 2-year-old developed a strange rash all over his body.

I have a 2-year-old toddler who loves swimming, especially during the summers. About a couple of months ago, I noticed a strange rash on his chest, back, legs, which was bumpy in appearance. It was there for quite some time and did not seem to spread on other parts, so I thought that rash was due to heat.

He looked fine to me, and the rash didn’t bother him. He did not complain of pain, and I did not notice him feel dull, inactive, or distressed; neither did I notice him scratching it. As the weather changed, he regularly went for his swimming classes and the rash started getting worse.


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Over-the-counter products didn’t help at all.

I was worried, as nothing seemed to help to reduce the rash. I bought many moisturizers, expensive, hypoallergenic ones, and even got steroid creams, but nothing worked. It stayed there, and that is when I got tensed.

My friend was using the Your Doctors Online application and recommended it to me to give it a shot.

Upon searching for it, it had excellent ratings, making it a bit easier for me to trust it. It was very convenient, and within minutes of downloading the application and creating a profile, a doctor got in touch with me and discussed my child’s issues. Dr. Shurooq Fatima was very professional, kind, informative and took a complete detailed history regarding the matter.

Your Doctors Online diagnosed my child with Molluscum Contagiosum.

She asked me all the relevant questions regarding the rash my child was experiencing including antenatal, birth, and family history. She asked for pictures of the rash on all different parts of the body. After seeing the pictures, she asked questions regarding her activities. She also made me feel at ease and ruled out all the red flags in history.

After reviewing the history and pictures, she gave me a diagnosis of Molluscum Contagiosum and explained the details to me. In between, she asked me if I had any questions.  I will be honest, after hearing the diagnosis, it scared me because I had never heard of it before.

She explained what molluscum contagiosum was in words that were easy for me to understand. She told me that it is a viral infection that causes localized bumps on the skin and is a common childhood disease. Children involved in contact sports, water sports, swimming pools, etc., are at risk. I immediately realized that my child got the rash from swimming pools!

The doctor diagnosed purely on examination, and it was spot on!

She explained how the virus spreads by direct skin-to-skin contact and can occur anywhere on the body, except the palms and soles. I asked her to recommend investigations to confirm its Molluscum Contagiosum, and Dr. Shurooq reassured me that it is a clinical diagnosis.

Furthermore, she explained the treatment if my baby develops symptoms. She told me that a child with molluscum contagiosum should not share towels, bedding, or clothing with others to avoid spreading the virus. The bumps are contagious as long as they are present.

Dr. Fatima also told that scratching the bumps can spread the virus and cause a bacterial infection. She also explained that it is self-limiting and will get better with time. My child loves swimming, and she told me that as long as clothing or a watertight bandage covers the rash, he should not be restricted from swimming pools.

Thank you, Your Doctors Online!

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