My Baby Blues Evolved Into Postpartum Depression.

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For many new mothers out there, the terms baby blues or postpartum depression are foreign. I didn’t know about it until after I delivered my first baby.

Ever since I got a positive pregnancy test, I was looking forward to the beauty of motherhood with my baby, but depression blocked the road to my dreams.

I couldn’t connect with my baby, and I thought it was due to baby blues.

Postpartum depression was embarrassing as well as terrifying for me. I wasn’t able to form a bond with my baby and started getting suicidal thoughts. I didn’t understand why I was getting these thoughts? Why am I feeling this way? Is it due to baby blues? Will it get better on its own? These questions worsened my mental health.

I felt nothing but sadness.

At first, I was reluctant to talk about my feelings for my baby. But as time went by, my husband started noticing the behaviour change and talked with me about my emotional and mental condition. I was consumed with guilt and kept having the feeling of not being a good mother. I was utterly disappointed in myself. My husband couldn’t see me in that miserable condition, so he decided to seek medical guidance.

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All I wanted was for someone to hear me; Your Doctors Online provided me with a platform for that.

We started looking for help online and found Your Doctors Online. Within minutes the application connected me to a doctor who had a detailed session with me inquiring about my symptoms of depression. I told her that I do get random thoughts of killing my baby and even myself. I was not able to love my baby the way I was expecting to before delivery.

The doctor listened to me with rapt attention. Instead of passing ridiculous statements, she reassured me that the situation was not my fault. She described that many mothers go through this scenario after their firstborn. Furthermore, she explained that my symptoms were not due to baby blues. I was suffering from postpartum depression.

Her words were not less than a shelter for me. She resolved half of my regrets of not bring a good mother. The doctor explained that the cause of these sudden mood swings is the downshift in the levels of estrogen and progesterone after delivery. She prescribed me some antidepressant drugs to relieve the depression. Moreover, she gave me tips on managing stress and referred me to a local psychologist for Cognitive behavioural therapy.

Meditation for depression

With medications, therapy and support, I recovered from postpartum depression before my baby’s first birthday!

She advised my husband to also help in taking proper care of my mental health. My amazing husband looked after the baby and my needs while providing me with all sorts of comfort. He took great care of my baby and me until I recovered completely. Having an understanding husband was not less than a boon for me.

During this war of dealing with sentiments, the online doctors at Your Doctors Online remained hand in hand with me. With their guidance, therapy, proper medication and my husband’s support, I managed to deal with this horrible situation. After a few months, I was able to love my baby the way I always wanted to.

I am now enjoying the blessings of motherhood only because of timely treatment. When I feel the gentle pat of my baby or see her smile when she looks at me, I am filled with joy. I can live all these moments wholeheartedly, all thanks to Your Doctors Online and my loving husband.

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