Your Doctors Online taught me how to stop an anxiety attack

How to stop anxiety attacks

Are you wondering how to stop an anxiety attack? Continue reading to find out how Your Doctors Online helped Aria.

I am going through the worst phase of my life right now. Being a 15-year-old girl witnessing your parents fight every day is stressful, and I have started getting anxiety attacks. They are going through a divorce, and it is making my anxiety worse day by day. 

My anxiety peaked, and I thought I was dying. 

A few nights ago, I felt as though my head was about to explode. I had severe chest pain, and I could barely breathe; my heart was racing. I felt I was going to die. Hearing my parents fight in the room next door, I knew I couldn’t go to them. 

I didn’t know what to do and how to stop the anxiety attack? I needed someone who would listen to me and help me. All I felt was lost and lonely. In that moment of helplessness, I searched online and ended up downloading Your Doctors Online

Your Doctors Online supported me during an anxiety attack.

Within a minute, a doctor connected with me, and I started telling her how I felt. My body was numb, and my heart was beating so fast. I thought it would burst out of my chest. I have experienced anxiety attacks before but not as severe as this one. 

The doctor was kind and empathetic; she reassured me that it was an anxiety attack and would slowly resolve if I followed her instructions. 

She asked me to take deep breaths with my eyes closed for ten minutes. At the same time, she waited patiently for me.   

You are not alone. We are here for you. Get help with anxiety, fear or panic attacks by consulting with our doctors.

The online doctor asked me to use my five senses to help reduce anxiety.

I focused on my breathing and felt calmer. She explained how the best way to deal with anxiety attacks is to realize that it is an anxiety attack and that it would pass. This allowed me to cope with my symptoms better. I felt terrible, but I knew I was not dying, at least. 

Dr. Fatima further asked me to focus on one object around me, touch something cold/warm, grab something I can smell and, have something to taste. I watched the ticking hands of a clock while I grabbed my cold can of red bull and took a sip. I lit a scented candle. All these five senses came into play and brought me to the present. This made me realize these were real things, things I could see, touch, taste, and smell. 

I felt calmer, my breathing and palpitations improved. However, I still had severe chest pain. 

Anxiety triggered heartburn which felt like a heart attack.

Dr. Fatima explained how anxiety could increase acid production in the stomach, which can cause chest pain. Severe heartburn mimics a heart attack which is why it feels so scary.

She recommended medications to control my acidity and explained how each medication worked. For example, capsule Omeprazole helps stop acid production, and syrup Gaviscon immediately relieves heartburn symptoms. 

Fortunately, I had both these medications at home because my dad gets heartburn now and then.

My Baby is allergic to water and Your Doctors Online Helped me discover that.

I needed to make lifestyle changes to manage my anxiety at home.

I followed the steps advised by Dr. Fatima and felt calmer. My breathing became regular, and the palpitations also resolved. She recommended Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for me and prescribed anxiolytics to control and prevent further anxiety attacks

I learned how making certain lifestyle changes can help with my anxiety, such as limiting caffeine intake, including energy drinks which I thrive on. Staying physically active also benefited my mental health, as it helps to increase the happy hormones called Endorphins. 

Limiting junk food and an overall healthy diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals have positively affected my mental health. 

Dr. Fatima also told me the best way of catharsis is using your energy on paper to write, draw or paint your heart out. Putting all emotions and feelings on paper is a great way to relieve stress, especially if you have no one to talk to. 

I found my therapist in this team of Your Doctors Online.

I update her every day. Every time I need to vent, I connect with Dr. Fatima and talk to her. She has taught me how to stop an anxiety attack at home within munites. Even though she is a general physician, she has become my therapist. 

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Anxiety FAQs

What is an anxiety attack?

Although it is not listed in American Psychological Association’s (APA’s) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5th Edition (DSM-V), the term anxiety attack is used to define the intense symptoms felt after being exposed to a trigger. The symptoms are less severe than a panic attack.

What are the symptoms of an anxiety attack?

Symptoms of an anxiety attack include:
1. Felling ‘on edge’
2. restlessness
3. irritability
4. difficulty in concentrating
5. avoiding social contacts
6. irregular heartbeat
7. shortness of breath
8. excessive sweating
9. stomach ache
10. muscle tension
11. Problems with sleeping

How to stop an anxiety attack at home?

Anxiety attacks can be difficult to manage but you can control your symptoms at home. There are multiple techniques like breathing exercises or using all 5 of your senses to help calm you down.
Our doctors are trained to help you when you are having an anxiety attack. Download our application and chat with an online doctor who can help you with your attacks as well as prescribe medications to prevent future episodes.

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