I Got Viagra Online For Erectile Dysfunction

Get Viagra Online For Erectile Dysfunction

Read how our erectile dysfunction doctor helped our patient in getting normal erections by prescribing viagra online. Hey guys, I am 45 years old male, and ever since I have entered the naughty forty stage of my life, I cannot maintain an erection. Being a workaholic all my life, I never got time to take […]

I Accidentally Got Dental Floss Stuck In My Anus!

Online doctor for foreign body stuck in anus

Be careful while self-exploration. A 2–3 inch piece of dental floss got stuck in my anus while I was exploring my body. It was late at night; I was alone, self-discovering and self-pleasing. While doing so, a question came to my mind, what will happen if I inserted a piece of dental floss in my […]

My Baby Blues Evolved Into Postpartum Depression.

Online doctors for baby blues and postpartum depression

For many new mothers out there, the terms baby blues or postpartum depression are foreign. I didn’t know about it until after I delivered my first baby. Ever since I got a positive pregnancy test, I was looking forward to the beauty of motherhood with my baby, but depression blocked the road to my dreams. […]

“My Semen Smells Like Rotten Eggs!”

Doctor chat for smelly semen

I am a 22-year-old college student, and for the past ten months, my semen has had a fishy odour, and sometimes it smells like rotten eggs. I believe it started after I had intercourse with a new partner.  After multiple STD treatments, the smell was still there. I avoided all sexual encounters after that as […]

‘I shat myself in school!’ – Fecal incontinence story

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This patient presented with Fecal Incontinence. Read how Your Doctors Online helped.   Fecal incontinence left me physically and mentally unstable for a year. I am 16 years old, and my Sophomore year was an embarrassing nightmare for me. I could not talk about it with anyone and would cry for hours. Ultimately I left […]