7 Subtle Ways You are Draining your Sex Drive

7 suitable ways you're draining your sex drive
Submitted and Medically Reviewed By: Richard Honaker M.D.

You could be extinguishing the fire between your sheets without even realizing it. Check out the 7 subtle ways you could be draining your sex drive. 

A low sex drive can be frustrating, but often all it takes are simple lifestyle changes to heat things back up in the bedroom.

Many women and men can become anxious when their sex drive dips. 

Stress is the most common reason that is offered as a cause for sex drive problems. It can definitely bring about lower libido, but it’s not the only source for such kind of sexual health issue. In fact, multiple reasons contribute to the state of one’s libido.

It could be that you’re having hormonal changes or your level of self-confidence may have diminished slightly. Add those to the fact that a person’s libido can be fussy and over-particular, like during life stages and relationships.

Most of your daily routines that seem harmless could have a big impact on your libido. The following are seven shocking daily practices that could actually contribute to your sex drive problems, and impact your sexual health.

1. Harboring Resentment is Killing Your Sex Drive

Harboring Resentment is Killing Your Sex Drive
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Try not to go to bed while you’re still angry. Taking in feelings of bitterness and indignation or anger could hinder your natural connection and yearning to interchange erotic energy.

It’s crucial to discuss unsettled problems and work to achieving an amiable relationship. This can help keep your sex drive flowing and prevent having any sex drive problems or any sexual health issue.

Stress generally messes up your sex drive. When you feel anxiety or unreasonable mental strain, your body will produce cortisol, which is a hormone that’s culpable for the fight or flight reaction. This kind of response could become extremely damaging for sexually arousing sentiments and sensations.

2. Netflix Series Marathon Viewing

Netflix Series Marathon Viewing
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Getting cozy on the couch and feasting on your favorite shows for countless hours is a natural desire for most people. The problem is that being a couch potato is once source of sex drive problems that could yield to other sexual health issues.

Exercising frequently will be very good for feeling in the mood for some erotic activities. A study published in the Physiology and Behavior, working out improves levels of both serotonin and dopamine. These two are feel-good chemicals in your brain that encourages you to feel full of vim and vigor.

Try to have some work out time on days when you plan to have intimate encounters. It will enhance your blood flow and as a result, your libido as well.

Researches recommend lunges and squats because those moves focus on the muscles of your thighs, butt, and pelvic floor. Because of this, your blood flow is stimulated and could be good to heightening your sex drive.

3. Libido Busting Eating Salty Snacks

Libido Busting Eating Salty Snacks
Source: Canva

If you want to feel more sexy and seductive, monitor what you eat. Salty and heavy foods won’t do any good to your eroticism because you will most likely feel sluggish.

To ignite and accelerate your libido, opt for lighter foods that won’t make you feel dopey and bloated. Avoid refined carbohydrates and sugar.

Feeling comfortable in your own body gets you in the mood and helps you avoid having any sex drive problems. If you eat healthy, you will feel more confident and full of energy that could result to more intimate moments. Good sexual health is almost guaranteed.

4. Not Having Any Sex at All

Not Having Any Sex at All
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If you notice that you never seem to be in the mood for some sexy time, it could be that you haven’t had sex in a while. Not having sex could dampen your sex drive and having lower libido can result to having no sex at all.

If you don’t have sex at all, you’ll have sex drive problems as time goes on and other sexual health issues could arise. It’s a brutal cycle.

Having more sex can yield to wanting it to happen more often. When you’re not having some, your body will adjust to that state of nothingness. You may not want to do it, but once you’ve done it you feel wonderful after, just like working out or going to the gym. So, why not just do it if you have a consenting partner.

5. Avoiding Masturbation

Avoiding Masturbation
Source: Canva

This is similar to having no sex at all. Avoid getting into this cycle. Masturbation is a way of taking care of you. It provides you some time with yourself to reunite with what excites you. Keeping in touch with your own body can be helpful for you to maintain connection with your own desires.

Sexual health experts recommend that you make it an integral part of your frequent routine. You can watch some porn or masturbate with your partner or just play your favored list of sexy music. Make daily small improvements to get a boost in your libido. It can help get rid of your sex drive problems.

6. Drinking Your Last Glass of Wine

Drinking Your Last Glass of Wine
Source: Canva

Drinking actually doesn’t increase your libido. Most people think that loosening up by drinking could help their libido. Too much alcohol in reality can yield the opposite effect. It actually diminishes testosterone.

It can even minimize your levels of serotonin as reported by a research published in Neurotransmitter Review. So if you plan to have some sexy time, drink just one glass or two at most. You have to make sure that your libido is not affected. This is one way to prevent having sex drive problems and other sexual health issues.

7. Sex Drive Problems Caused by Not Talking About Sex

Drinking Your Last Glass of Wine
Source: Canva

One of the main sex drive problems causes is your fear of discussing sex, desire, or even general sexual health matters. Since having a healthy sexual appetite is not usually talked about, such topic becomes a mystery. As a result, women scramble with sex drive and this will likely lead them to think that something’s wrong with them.

If you don’t talk to your partner about your fantasies, wants, and desires you could end up having negative emotions. Just like in any relationship, communication is very important to keep you feel an affinity and sexually linked with your partner.

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