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Acne self care

I get emotional every time I have to share my experience with acne. It has been a struggle for me mainly because of the bullying I had to face while struggling with acne self-care.

Ever since I’ve been young, I’ve had pimples. But when I turned 16 last year, it got so bad that my class fellows started mocking me, and I turned from an extrovert to an insecure, shy girl. 

My acne got really bad when I turned 16, and the bullying started. 

In a world where people are obsessed with their appearance, I was suffering from acne with scarring on my forehead, cheeks, and chin. Along with that, I was gaining weight even though I exercised daily. Because of this, I was called all kinds of names, Freddie Krueger, crater face,  etc. Even my friends would pass subtle remarks like you should wash your face more often, or it’s probably because of your diet. 

It got to a point where I didn’t want to go to school anymore. I even asked my mom if I could get laser surgery done, but she brushed me off, saying that’s foolish and that it happens to everyone. 

I felt hopeless, and I started wearing makeup to school, hoping that the breakout would be less visible under makeup, but the foundation made it look revolting

Trying out different home remedies and acne self-care products didn’t help. I had invested all my pocket money into expensive skincare products. However, things completely went the other way. My acne started getting worse, and at one point, it got so severe that I refused to come out of my room. 

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My parents couldn’t afford a dermatologist’s appointment in the USA.

I searched for reasons that could lead to acne and concluded that it could be due to puberty. However, the more I scoured the internet, I realized that my acne was a lot worse than what they had shown online. 

My anxiety was culminating because I knew it wasn’t simple puberty-related acne. I spoke with my mother about it, but once again, she brushed me off. I guess I kind of knew why she was doing that, mainly because a dermatologist wasn’t easy to afford here in the USA. 

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Your Doctors Online provided me a cost-effective, one-on-one doctor’s consultation on acne self-care

But I still needed a solution, so I didn’t stop searching. It was during that I came across Your Doctors Online. It claimed to provide an online doctor’s consultation, and the prices were extremely affordable. 

Because it looked like my only hope, I installed the application, although not expecting a lot. However, it all went out the door when I got in a conversation with Dr. Fatima Dar. IT WAS ALL TRUE. She started by asking me about my acne’s history and when it exacerbated? She asked me about my period cycle as well as sleeping and eating routines. 

Once we were done with the Q&A, she briefed me about my condition. She informed me that the acne was likely due to hormonal imbalance caused by PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). It presents as irregular periods and can cause severe acne that can get worse at times. I had no idea what PCOS meant but was glad to know it could be treated.

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Your Doctors Online guided me about PCOS and how to treat my acne at home.

She guided me on how to improve my acne self-care. I realized how important it is for me to modify my lifestyle by drinking more water, exercising, counting my caloric intake, practicing yoga to reduce stress, cleansing daily, and eating healthy food. 

She also asked me to get few blood tests done and keep track of my periods. Apart from that, she gave me a proper day and nighttime skincare routine to follow.

The main element of my regime was Tea Tree Oil due to its anti-inflammatory and drying effect. In medications, she advised me benzoyl peroxide cream and sulfur spot treatment. I followed her instructions, and in a matter of few days, I felt my skin becoming better. The best part was that she kept checking up on me after every 7-10 days to make sure I wasn’t facing complications or side effects.

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Your Doctors Online gave me my confidence back!

After about two weeks, my skin started healing, and I became optimistic. The most important thing that came out of this was that my self-esteem started getting better. The bullying didn’t stop, but I learned to ignore the negativity. 

Being aware of my condition helped me realize that there was no flaw in me, and I should have no shame as all these changes were due to a medical condition. My blood tests further confirmed that I had PCOS. After confirmation, Dr. Dar prescribed me a short course of combined hormonal pills which, surprisingly, helped with my acne as well. 

Even though I still have pimples and some scarring, I have developed a lot of confidence and can easily face anyone who makes fun of my acne or bully me. Your Doctor’s Online not only helped me overcome my acne but also my complexes and inferiorities.

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