Eyelid Bump Peaked My Anxiety But Your Doctors Online Came To The Rescue Yet Again!

eyelid bumps

Some people think I am a hypochondriac, but I am the type of person who freaked out when I got a white bump on my eyelid (apparently due to chalazion) and thought it was the beginning of a condition called cellulitis.

The internet convinced me that the white bump on the lower eyelid would cause blindness.

I am generally very anxious regarding my health. So when I had a bump/lump on my lower eyelid, all I remember doing was reading articles and blogs about causes of bumps on google.

After thorough research (or so I thought), I was convinced that it was a stye that will lead to orbital cellulitis, intracranial involvement and ultimately blindness. I know what you are thinking; I have got no chill.

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Looking back at it, I realize my irrational mind got the best of me. I was panicking, but thankfully, I was no stranger to Your Doctors Online application.

After multiple embarrassing moments, I now prefer to chat with an online doctor first.

I had downloaded the application a few months ago during another such episode where I was convinced I had necrobiosis lipoidica. I didn’t, thankfully! So the doctors on Your Doctors Online were no stranger to handling me at self-induced perturbation post-self-diagnosis.

Why didn’t I go to my doctor? Let’s just say after a few too many embarrassing moments; I now chat with an online doctor first.

So I logged in to Your Doctors Online application to get some answers.

As always, I was immediately connected to my doctor, Dr. Farrukh. I had chatted with her before as well and knew she would listen patiently to my concerns.

When to get a mole checked?

After reiterating my fear of blindness numerous times, she asked me to share a picture of my eye/lower eyelid along with questions like, “Is there any pain or itching?”, “When did you first notice the eyelid lump?”, “Do you have any allergies?”, “Do you wear a lot of eye make-up?”.

My doctor diagnosed me with Chalazion and also explained how it was formed.

After answering these questions and taking a look at the picture, she concluded that the cause of my painless bump on my eyelid was a blocked meibomian gland, also known as a chalazion. She further elaborated that the Meibomian glands are the tiny oil glands that line the margin of the eyelids. They secrete meibum responsible for the formation of the tear film’s outer layer.

The doctor highlighted the common causes of Chalazia, which consisted of inflammatory conditions like seborrhea, acne, rosacea, chronic blepharitis, or long-term inflammation of the eyelid.

She also mentioned that they are more common in people with continuous exposure to dust, makeup, and pollen. That’s when I knew the eyeshadows given to me by my sister were the culprit! She is always cutting corners when it comes to giving gifts.

Dr. Farrukh also clarified the difference between Chalazion, stye and cellulitis. She explained that stye was a painful condition and resulted from a bacterial infection of an oil gland.

My doctor guided me regarding the treatment in detail and reassured me that applying warm compresses, massaging the eyelid, and good hygiene would help eliminate the problem. 

As always, Your doctors online did not disappoint me!

Dr. Farrukh advised me to consult an ophthalmologist in case the eyelid bump persisted. Relief flooded me after discussing my issue with a healthcare professional. Your Doctor Online is a platform that never fails to impress me. That is why I regularly log in if I have any pressing health concerns or even when I require some peace of mind.

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FAQs On An Eyelid Bump Answered By Our Your Doctors Online Team

Why is there a bump on my eyelid?

A bump on the eyelid can be due to several causes. Common causes include a stye or chalazion. A stye results from an infection of an eyelash follicle or oil gland, whereas chalazion occurs when the meibomian gland becomes blocked. Both conditions can be treated.

How to get rid of a bump on the eyelid?

Some measures that may help treat the bump on the eyelid include:
Applying warm compresses to the site several times a day
Avoiding application of makeup or any other products
Applying antibiotic ointments

What is a chalazion?

A chalazion is a result of the blockage of a meibomian gland. It presents as an eyelid bump and is usually painless. The bump can go away on its own. However, if it lasts for several weeks, treatment should be sought.

What is a stye?

A stye is a painful red bump on the eyelid—an infection of an eyelash follicle results in the formation of a stye.

What do you need to know about eyelid bumps?

Eyelids bumps are usually harmless and require no treatment. However, if the bump persists or leads to visual disturbances, sensitivity to light, crusting of the eyelids, worsening pain or bleeding, you should contact a doctor immediately. 

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