Living with IBS: From having bouts of constipation and diarrhea to finding Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) solutions.

Irritable bowel syndrome

Where do I even begin? My gastric complaints started in secondary school, as episodes of mild diarrhea and cramping followed by constipation. Since these were few and far apart, they hardly bothered me, and I mistook them as mere food allergies or bouts of stomach flu. It was not until last year that full-blown IBS reared its ugly head into my life.

Initially, it presented as episodes of explosive diarrhea, which eventually turned into agonizing constipation. I suffered a few near disasters in public. This made the prospect of spending hours waiting outside my doctor’s office an absolute nightmare.

Needless to say, my work and social life took a severe toll.

Bouts of diarrhea and constipation made it difficult for me to spend hours waiting outside the doctor’s office.

As a hypochondriac with chronic anxiety and digestive issues, I grew weary of making recurrent rounds to the doctor’s office. It was often hard to fully articulate my concerns face-to-face.

I was shelling out countless dollars on medical tests and receiving various diagnoses. Still, I never felt “heard” or completely satisfied. The relief was always temporary. My doctor eventually started seeing me as a ‘difficult patient,’ so I changed my doctor a few times.

I was tired of being ‘that difficult guy’ for my GP. Your Doctors Online saved both my mind and wallet from a needless burden.

For a long time, I gave up on seeking healthcare altogether. A visit to the local pharmacy would suffice. Alternatively, I would spend hours googling my symptoms. This was destructive behavior for somebody with anxiety, and eventually, I grew convinced that I had Colon cancer or something equally grave.

On the other hand, my stash of self-bought medications began to overflow. Venturing out of the house for a consultation seemed a risky affair due to the pandemic. My episodes of diarrhea and constipation had grown unbearable. It was amidst this frenzy that I stumbled across the Your Doctors Online application.

Your doctors Online

Initially, I scoffed at the idea; however, they addressed all my initial concerns leaving me amazed.  

Initially, I scoffed at the idea of a website or phone application being able to provide sound medical advice. In fact, I thought a “bot” would copy-paste generic information in response to my queries.

However, it turned out to be, honestly, quite impressive after I gave it a shot. During my first visit, the doctor I talked to did not rush me; in fact, she was kind, patient, and attentive to my concerns.

She took a detailed history, keeping my past medicines and medical reports into account, which I was able to upload easily. Given my symptoms, she gave me a preliminary diagnosis of “Irritable Bowel Syndrome.” (IBS)

The solution for IBS was a holistic approach and appropriate medical pathway advised by the YDO doctors. 

Furthermore, she advised me the correct OTC medicines for my complaints and gave me lifestyle recommendations, for example, daily exercise, maintaining a food diary, increasing fiber intake, etc. All of these proved requisite in rapidly improving my IBS symptoms.

She referred me to the appropriate medical specialty, i.e., a Gastroenterologist, who finally confirmed my diagnosis. She also referred me to a Nutritionist and a Psycho-therapist for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

All of this helped me recognize my IBS flare-ups and triggers. I was able to break the vicious cycle of Anxiety and Irritable bowel syndrome that had bothered me for so long. The best part about this application is that I can seek a medical opinion from multiple real doctors minutes apart.

I was able to seek multiple medical opinions from actual physicians regarding IBS, which offered the flexibility and reassurance that in-person appointments often lack. 

In brief, it was the lock-down and pandemic that redirected me from conventional healthcare to the Your Doctors Online platform. For a hypochondriac like myself, this service proves to be a lifesaver! I will definitely prefer this application for all minor medical concerns and health-related queries in the future.

I believe we are slowly ascending into a powerful digital world, where such online services are becoming progressively more convenient, advanced, and efficient.

This is definitely one of the best online medical services out there for irritable bowel syndrome patients.

Instead of brooding and over-analyzing trivialities and coming up with the worst conclusions, Your Doctors Online enables me to connect with real General Physicians, round the clock instantly, who can put the bulk of my worries to rest.

Not only that, but the doctors have repeatedly advised me on how to approach healthcare in a smart way that has saved me a lot of money, resources, and mental angst. This is definitely one of the best online medical services out there if you know what to expect. The physicians cannot examine you in person; however, you can describe your symptoms, ask them if you can eat certain foods in IBS flareup, know about medication interactions, and narrow down your triggers.Your doctors online

A new approach to your Health.

Put the power of a physician in your pocket with the Your Doctors Online app. Just a touch of a button can connect you with a real doctor ready to answer your medical questions day or night. 

So what do you have to lose? Stop wasting your time in waiting rooms and connect with one of our knowledgeable doctors today. 

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