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After suffering from painful, heavy periods, urinary complaints, and finally being diagnosed with a fibroid, I have learned it the hard way to always ask for help by having a chat with a professional doctor. Never make assumptions about the symptoms you’re experiencing. 

I am a 42-year-old woman, and I struggle with painful, heavy periods ever since the birth of my last born.

For the past four years, ever since I gave birth to my son, I have had painful and heavy periods. I assumed that hormonal changes after pregnancy were resulting in these symptoms.

Being occupied with three kids and a job, I learnt to live with it and endured the pain. I was never paying much heed to it as I had rationalized in my mind that it was nothing but typical. 

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It was just recently that I started feeling heaviness and pain in the lower abdomen.

I developed an increase in urine frequency and urgency. I also experienced pain while urinating.

Automatically thinking I might have developed a urinary tract infection, I discussed my urinary symptoms with a physician who agreed with me and I gained confidence in my self-diagnosing capabilities.

The doctors prescribed me antibiotics for UTI.

After multiple rounds of different antibiotic courses, nothing seemed to help. So, the doctors told me to get a urinalysis and a urine culture done, which surprisingly came out absolutely clear. The results left me baffled, sick and worried. 

I immediately tried google to search for chat groups to help with my UTI and period symptoms. I had a lot of questions. Why was I still in so much pain if I had no urine infection? Why the increased frequency and the urgency? Do I have a kidney stone? What was causing all these urinary symptoms? Are changes in my periods linked to these symptoms? 

I finally decided to talk to a doctor online; Your Doctors Online popped up, and I downloaded the app.

After downloading the Your Doctors Online application, it connected a female doctor to me, who made me feel at ease at once and asked me to describe my issues. I explained everything that had been going on these past few weeks. 

Dr. Dar didn’t stop there but asked further about my menstrual cycles. I told her my history of painful, heavy bleeding, justifying that it was normal for me as I was experiencing this for a long time.

She went on to ask in detail about the number of pads I use per day and if I pass any clots. During the chat I realized my periods had become prolonged and heavier, I was also passing clots and I needed help. I felt tired all the time but blamed it on overworking. 

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The doctor linked my urinary complaints to the changes in my periods.

The doctor linked the two sets of symptoms together and concluded that I might have what sounds like a uterine fibroid causing prolonged, painful periods. Which now had grown big in size, pressing against the bladder. 

I have bled so much in these past years that I developed anemia- making me feel tired/lethargic all the time.

Dr. Dar explained that Fibroids are benign tumours of the uterus, which are unlikely to turn cancerous.

She asked me to get an ultrasound done to confirm the diagnosis. It would also help determine the size and location of the fibroid. 

She also asked me to book an appointment with my Obstetric/Gynaecologist, who would manage it depending on the ultrasound results, and that I might require surgery for it. 

I finally found a direction towards diagnosis after battling severe symptoms for years, which I thought were normal.

A large Uterine Fibroid was revealed in the ultrasound, which was pressing against the bladder, causing an increase in the frequency of urine and pelvic pain along with the heavy, painful periods

Dr. Dar was right; my symptoms subsided after surgical removal of the fibroid.

I now chat with doctors on Your Doctors Online to get help on even minor concerns/symptoms I may feel regarding my period health, sexual health, general health, and concerns related to my children’s health and get reassured and guided in the best possible way every time. 

Our Experts are here to help you 24/7 with your period Related Conerns.

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