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I never thought having an infection like bacterial vaginosis could shake my confidence and make me insecure in my relationship. 

I am a 20-year-old female who is learning to be comfortable in her own skin. About two months ago, I got out of a toxic relationship. Needless to say, I wasn’t looking for anyone and started working part-time at a grocery store. There I met my current boyfriend. He was always kind to me, and I honestly enjoyed his company a lot. Soon we became official as a couple, and after two weeks of dating, we moved in together. 

My periods smelled so bad, and I thought it was because of the tampons.

Who thinks of an infection when their vagina smells without any other symptom? I didn’t. Soon after I moved in, I got my period, and for the first time, it smelled so bad. I brushed it off, thinking it was probably because of the tampons I was using, or maybe I wasn’t changing them frequently enough.

As the days progressed, the smell got worse. This made me self-conscious, and I started using vaginal washes to get rid of the odor. It subsided when my periods ended; however, during my next menstrual cycle, the vaginal odor returned and stayed even after my periods ended. 

The fishy odor from my vagina shattered my confidence.

It is hard to describe exactly what that disgusting odor smelled like. The only thing that comes to my mind when I think about it is a dead fish, which makes me nauseous. I started showering twice per day and used all kinds of scented soaps and perfumes to mask that smell but to no avail. 

Moreover, it was becoming embarrassing every time I was with my boyfriend to smell like I never wash myself. One night while we were having sex, my boyfriend asked, ‘what is that smell?’ This was enough to shatter my confidence. Our relationship was never the same after that. The thought that ‘he too can smell this fishy odor’ made me distance myself from not only him but everyone around me as well.

Does your vagina smell different than usual?

I felt so shy and embarrassed but couldn’t ask anyone!

I wanted to ask my friends about it, but being my shy, under-confident self, I’d rather not because what would I say? ‘Well, I started a new relationship, and ever since then, I’ve been smelling like a tuna can!?’ They’d laugh at me. Some might even say, ‘oh, you just have to take care of your hygiene.’

I had no other symptom apart from a fishy odor, and this is why I didn’t visit any doctor either.  My anxiety was escalating. I also stopped having frequent sex with my boyfriend because I didn’t want to feel abashed and cause my break-up.

I got some guidance online, but I still needed proper professional advice for BV treatment. 

For anyone going through the same thing, please know you are not alone. When I looked up my symptoms online, I found so many females who had shared their stories related to bacterial vaginosis, and I could relate to them. This is why I agreed to share my story when Your Doctors Online approached me.

Although looking up my symptoms helped, it could not provide me with the proper professional advice I wanted. I was already using home remedies and expensive over-the-counter products, but they were not working. Instead, douching, soaps, and using fragrances made it worse.

Bacterial Vaginosis frequency in America.

Your Doctors Online helped me get BV treatment online.

While randomly scrolling through another one of my searches about this problem, I came across Your Doctors Online application. It said that I could have a one-on-one conversation with a doctor with complete confidentiality and no face-to-face interaction. That was the only promise that made me install it.

Immediately after installation, I signed up and got in contact with Dr. Saba Noor. I am embarrassed to admit it, but I didn’t even use my real name. She never probed me to provide her with unnecessary personal information or pictures. 

Initially, I told her only the very basics of my problem that was, “I have been experiencing nasty vaginal odor recently. What should I do?” Sitting behind a phone made it easy to talk, but the way that doctor conversed with me in an easy, cooperative manner made me even more comfortable to open up to her from the start till the end. 

The way that doctor conversed with me made me open up to her about my problem.

She asked me a few more questions like, “Was it around my period?” “How would I describe the smell?” “Is there any itching or discharge” “Did I use any new products?” etc., and then I was diagnosed with Bacterial Vaginosis. For a minute, I was worried about how intimidating it sounded, but she calmed my worries down by telling me that it is a common infection, not an STD, and I could get treatment for BV online to get rid of it within a few days.

She recommended me over-the-counter medications, probiotics, and suppository along with lifestyle modifications to cure BV at home. She also advised me to get a prescription for Metronidazole gel and use it for five days. While I was using these medications, she advised me to avoid alcohol consumption and stop douching, which I did.

Chat with an online doctor

Within five days, I got rid of bacterial vaginosis and the fishy odor it came with.

I followed her instructions and felt a significant change immediately. I realized that I made bacterial vaginosis worse by trying so hard to mask the smell with scented soaps and wipes. What impressed me, even more, was how Dr. Noor kept a check on me and inquired about my health after every three days. That also made it really easy for someone like me, who was so shy, to make sure I was doing everything right.

Soon after, I was able to fully recover, thanks to Dr. Noor. I have been using Your Doctors Online ever since and would recommend this application to anyone who is coy about her symptoms. 

A new approach to your Health.

Put the power of a physician in your pocket with the Your Doctors Online app. Just a touch of a button can connect you with a real doctor ready to answer your medical questions day or night. You, too, can get BV treatment Online or check if you have an STD. 

So what do you have to lose? Stop wasting your time in waiting rooms and connect with one of our knowledgeable doctors today. 


Disclaimer: This article provides general information and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or medical condition. If you require specific advice, please consult one of our medical professionals through the app. However, in case of an emergency, please call 911.

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