Your Doctors Online Helped Me Diagnosed The Black-Brown Itchy Rash as Acanthosis Nigricans

I Have Acanthosis Nigricans, And Your Doctors Online Helped Me Discover That!
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My Neck Developed A Black-Brown Itchy Rash

I am Judy, 20 years old. Since puberty, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and irregular periods were part of my life. I started oral contraceptive pills to make my periods regular, which helped, and I stopped going to my doctor and thought this was my lifelong treatment. But a few months back, my neck started itching, and I developed a black-brown itchy rash. When I touched the back of my neck, I felt there was some thick padded velvet-like rash.

I showed the rash to my friend, and she recommended using an antifungal ointment. Unfortunately, despite using it for a week, the black-brown itchy rash did not disappear, and I started to scratch it with my nails.

The Black-Brown Itchy Rash Then Developed In My Armpits 

From antifungals to antibiotics cream, I had used everything, but nothing was helping me. Then, I developed a rash under my armpits, adding to my horror. It was the same, thick black-brown itchy rash. I felt helpless, I changed my body lotions, clothing, and bedding, but nothing helped me.

As My Condition Deteriorated, I Decided To Seek Help Online For Rash Under Armpits

After many days of trying my luck with online doctors, I finally managed to speak to a real doctor at Your Doctors Online. Within minutes of chatting with Dr Saba, I realized that the doctor was genuinely concerned and well qualified to help me. I shared a picture of the velvety underarm rash with the doctor. She asked me specific questions like:

· If I had increased BMI?

· If I had conditions like PCOS, Diabetes?

· If I am using medicines like Oral Contraceptive pills or steroids?

· Whether I exercise?

· Whether anyone in the family had a similar condition?

The Doctor Informed Me The Black-Brown Itchy Rash Was Acanthosis Nigricans

After taking a detailed history, the doctor informed me that I have a skin condition called Acanthosis Nigricans. I immediately thought it was some skin cancer. But the doctor explained to me in detail that I have risk factors like PCOS, use of OCPs, and weight gain which were contributing to the condition.

She also explained how hormonal imbalance associated with PCOS could lead to black-brown itchy rash on the neck and armpits.

She advised me to lose weight and stop taking oral contraceptive pills. With that, she gave me anti-allergic pills to deal with itching.

I was afraid to stop contraceptive pills as they made my periods regular. However, the doctor assured me that my body would get a chance to regulate hormones naturally with weight loss, and the periods would become regular too.

Your Doctors Online Helped Me in Treating Velvety Rash, Weight Loss And Managing PCOS

I have been in continuous follow-ups with doctors at Your Doctors Online, who have helped me tremendously in losing weight. It made my periods regular without using oral contraceptive pills, and now my neck and armpits are itch and rash-free. I would definitely recommend everyone to download this app and speak to a doctor at any hour of the day as they offer medical advice 24/7.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who gets this condition?

Certain risk factors include high BMI, diabetes, PCOS, hypothyroidism, Cushing syndrome, use of steroids or OCPs, family history, and rarely – stomach cancer.

Do I have skin cancer if I get acanthosis nigricans?

No, it does not mean that you have skin cancer. Get connected with online doctor for medical advice.

How do I treat it at home?

Firstly, you need to determine the underlying cause. Then, you can undoubtedly treat it at home by avoiding the risk factors.
Secondly, check your medicines and whether you are currently taking steroid or oral contraceptive pills. Maintaining a healthy BMI, reducing weight, and regular follow-ups with your doctor are essential. Also, make sure your blood glucose level and thyroid hormone levels are in the normal range.

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