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The average person isn’t sure where their lymph nodes are, much less what swollen lymph nodes could indicate. When it comes to medical advice in real time, more and more people are putting a doctor in their pocket.

Amanda* discovered a lump near her three year-old son’s groin after a bath one evening. Googling her symptoms led her to Your Doctors Online, where she was able to speak to a doctor after hours and within minutes. 

The Risk of Relying on Dr. Google

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While searching your symptoms online can be a dangerous practice, Amanda’s search was able to lead to her an online chat with a professional and experienced doctor. Having a trusted medical opinion to lean on allowed Amanda to make an important decision about her son’s health. 

“I didn’t realize how serious a lump like this could be. Dr. Melissa told me my issue was quite serious after seeing a few pictures through the app. I made me get off my lazy butt and book an appointment with a doctor right away.”

Doctor’s Appointments are Challenging

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There are many barriers that parents of young children face to see a doctor. A visit to the doctor often requires parents to arrange time off of work, childcare for their other children, as well as making an appointment with their doctor. In addition, there is also a requirement to spend time in a busy waiting room, which also often exposes them to additional germs. 

“With a job and small children it is not easy to get to the doctor’s office. I only go to the doctor’s office when I absolutely have to. Your Doctors Online allowed me to connect to a doctor without the hassle,” said Amanda. 

“I ended up making an appointment to have the lump checked the next morning. We found out it was stage three cancer. I am so glad Your Doctors Online was able to alarm me about the seriousness of finding a lump like this. It may have saved my son’s life.”

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While many parents may often find themselves taking their children to see a doctor unnecessarily, the opposite can also be true. Taking care of your family’s health is not an easy task. Keeping a doctor ‘on call’ 24 hours a day can be an invaluable asset. 

A Better Way to Manage Your Family’s Health

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At Your Doctors Online our aim is to make healthcare easier and more accessible for families around the world. We offer 24 hour access to experienced and empathetic doctors within minutes. We know that illness does not only come on during business hours. We are your lifeline for medical advice no matter the time of day (or night!)

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We also want to make managing your family’s health care easier. Store all of your family’s medical information in one convenient place. Keep an up to date vaccination record, blood type medical history and insurance information for your family. This means your family members are never unprepared in the event of a medical emergency. 

Put a Doctor in Your Pocket

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