Your Doctors Online Has Launched Telemedicine Services Throughout Canada.

your doctors online has expanded their services
Medically reviewed by Dr. Mandy Liedeman

Telemedicine services have revolutionized Canadian health care and are here to stay.

Technology is transforming the world, which can be seen in the healthcare industry. These advancements are changing how people get treatments for their health problems. Your Doctors Online is proving to be an authentic online doctors network making quality healthcare accessible for people around Canada, especially during the pandemic.

The Canadian Health Care Sector Faced many challenges During The COVID-19 Pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has genuinely tested the healthcare systems of every country globally, and Canada is no exception. Hospitals and clinics have faced an unprecedented influx of patients and emergencies, leaving many unattended or on long waiting lists.

In truth, the national healthcare system was overwhelmed and overburdened long before the arrival Covid19. In addition, the study by Fraser Institute, published in 2020, indicated an average waiting time of over 22 long weeks between the initial checkup and the actual treatment. These numbers are staggering for a country known as one of the finest welfare states.

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Masses Are Readily Adopting Telemedicine Services For Health Care Needs.

Fortunately, there has been an efficient telemedicine alternative for many waiting on those long and tedious lists. More and more people are switching to online expert consultations for their essential checkups and diagnosis.

A recent survey conducted by CMA (Canadian medical association) revealed that the satisfaction rate for virtual care services was 91%, as reported by the patients. There has been a 36 percent increase in virtual medical consulting sessions since the start of the pandemic. This shows that telemedicine is popular and will become the norm for diagnosis and care.

Your Doctors Online Has Emerged As A Reliable 24/7 Online Doctor Consultation Service.

While hospitals are full and unsafe for general visits, people use reliable online options for their health-related concerns. Your Doctors Online is a credible name in the digital health industry, and its popularity has increased even more during the pandemic.

Your Doctors Online hosts a panel of great physicians who are experts in their respective fields of medicine. Therefore, they are providing round-the-clock medical assistance to patients in Canada. With its vast network and a remarkable team of doctors, the online application has made a name for itself in the medical industry.

“Canadian Telemedicine services have gone through changes due to the combination of healthcare with technologies. At Your Doctors Online, we believe everyone has the right to connect with experienced doctors. And, for that, we provide quality healthcare services to many people. Moreover, we are a HIPAA compliant organization with an experienced team of physicians dedicated to providing affordable healthcare services,” – Dr. Cheema, Chief Medical Officer at Your Doctors Online.