‘Sex was always painful and I couldn’t maintain my relationship anymore’- Vaginismus Story.

Painful sex story

A 19-year-old female with pain during intercourse

This year I turned 19 and have recently started becoming sexually active. Before this, I was never able to have sex because of the intense pain, which I thought could be due to my age.

A month ago, I finally got into a serious relationship with my best friend. Unfortunately, even after waiting for so long, sex was still painful and every subsequent encounter was a nightmare. The pain was causing loss of pleasure, and my partner was equally disturbed as well. I thought I wouldn’t be able to maintain my relationship anymore. This was taking a mental toll on both of us.

Moreover, the pandemic has greatly limited access to my primary care physician and visiting the hospital never seemed plausible. At this stage of uncertainty, I was no longer sure if I could withstand this any longer.

One night while searching for a possible solution, I came across the website yourdoctors.online. With a bit of hesitation, I decided to try my luck and possibly get some insight into what might be causing my issues. I was highly apprehensive; countless questions raced through my mind:

  • Do I have an incurable disease or condition?
  • Do other women encounter such issues?
  • Is it because of a structural genital abnormality?
  • Can it be due to an infection?
Do You Have Pain During Sex? Chat With Online Doctor

A condition known as ‘Vaginismus’ was causing pain during sex.

After downloading the app, a doctor immediately connected with me and asked me to elaborate on my concern. Hesitantly, I described my issue. The doctor asked me a couple of questions, which reassured me that she was knowledgeable and the website was genuine. I answered her questions, and she provided me with the most probable diagnosis.

She not only ruled out structural abnormalities, infections or diseases by asking me questions in detail, but she clarified that such symptoms could be caused by a condition known as ‘Vaginismus.’ On hearing this new term, I enquired what it was, and she explained it in simpler terms interpreting that it was a condition involving ‘involuntary muscle spasms in the pelvic floor muscles.’ 

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Your Doctors online guided me on what my next steps should be

The doctor also provided me with a set of instructions to follow and see if there was any subsequent improvement.

She instructed me to try kegel/pelvic floor muscle exercise and use a numbing gel with vaginal dilators. She told me that I can use the dilators under her supervision or visit my local gyne clinic. I was to monitor myself and see if that helped. She also referred me to my local Ob/gyne for a physical examination.

I had a pressing concern regarding my birth control pill:

“Is Rigevidon the birth control that I am recently on contributing to my current condition in any way?”

She immediately reassured me that pain during sex was not a side effect of birth control,  which further eased my worries.

I found this experience highly satisfying as I had answers to my questions and found out about the steps that I needed to take.

My experience with Your doctors online was marvelous; not only was I given insight into the possible causes of my symptoms, but my doctor simultaneously reassured me and advised me to follow up with an Ob/gyne if there was no significant improvement. The doctor also asked me to follow up in case of any further queries that I had.

Do You Have Pain During Sex? Chat With an Online Doctor

I believe that the doctors on this platform are very professional, experienced, and knowledgeable. The platform provides the best possible answers and directs you down the right path, especially during these uncertain times when visiting the hospital is always a risk. Thanks to Your Doctors Online, I can finally have a healthy sex life without pain.

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