Never Use These 5 Sex Lube Alternatives (Plus Safe Options)

Lube is an amazing slippery aid that people grab in dry situations down there and needing a quick fix or when they want to take their orgasms up a notch. As a result, most tend to grab the DIY option.

Gynecologists warn that those substitutes could contain some allergens, interfere with condoms, or even deteriorate your skin. Here are some of the lube substitutes that you should absolutely avoid.

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Never Use These 5 Sex Lube Alternatives (Plus Safe Options)

1. Baby Oil

It doesn’t only quash the effectiveness of condoms but it also increases your risk of getting a yeast infection. A research published in Obstetrics and Gynecology discovered that there’s a connection between Candida species colonization and intra-vaginal usage of baby oil. That could definitely lead to a yeast infection.

2. Shortening

It is oil based so it’s not compatible with condoms and it’s known to be a terrible lubricant. Being not slippery at all, most women find it ineffective. And since it wasn’t particularly formulated for vaginal usage, there will always be a chance that it will irritate the vagina.

3. Spit

Most people use this but according to experts, it’s not slippery enough to be considered an effective lube. Not to mention it could transmit infection into the vagina just as how unprotected oral sex can. So it’s best not to facilitate transmitting STDs.

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4. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum-based products in the vagina could result in infection. A research published in the Obstetrics and Gynecology has revealed that women who used petroleum jelly as a lube substitute in the past month were over twice as likely as non-users to getting bacterial vaginosis. And since it is oil based, it’s not compatible with condoms.

5. Lotion

Lotions have plenty of potential irritants. Examples are perfumes and propyl glycols that could cause swelling, puffiness, and overall irritation in your pubic area.

Safer Sex Lubrication Alternatives

Coconut Oil

This is a favorite for most women. Nutiva Coconut Oil smells and tastes good and it’s in a solid state at room temperature. It only turns into liquid form with warmer temperatures like your body. Just remember that it doesn’t go well with condoms.

Pure Aloe Vera

This is a great option as lube, just make sure that it’s really aloe vera. Some aloe products could have ingredients that irritate the vagina. The Aloe Cadabra Pure Aloe Vera is recommended by an expert and you can safely use it with latex condoms.

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Submitted by Dr. Richard Honaker: