Pregnancy Issues: Early Pregnancy Symptoms to Look For

Last updated: August 2, 2019

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Could you be pregnant? Do you have pregnancy issues or need an opinion that matters regarding early pregnancy issues? You are certainly not alone in your search for the answers you need and deserve.

Pregnancy issues and early pregnancy symptoms are vital to recognize and understand. The average expecting mother is approximately 26 years old, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The same CDC data found that low birthrate risk is 8 percent and preterm birth is 9.6 percent. These findings make your pregnancy issues important.

A pregnancy test should always be the first step for pregnancy issues. The need for a pregnancy test could be triggered by a few early pregnancy symptoms. Some of these early pregnancy symptoms are well known. However, some may be not so common.

Let’s take a closer look at pregnancy issues and early pregnancy symptoms for the potentially expecting mother.


Pregnancy Issues: How Common are Early Pregnancy Symptoms?

Pregnancy is certainly not the same experience among all women. Women are different and so are their pregnancies and pregnancy issues. Early pregnancy symptoms are indeed the same. You may have some, all, or even no early pregnancy symptoms. It simply depends on you.

Early pregnancy symptoms can often mimic the symptoms you may experience prior to menstruation as well. This may mean you are not pregnant, or an early sign you are. This makes deciphering early pregnancy symptoms challenging and essential to you and your potential baby’s health.


Missed Period? Early Pregnancy Symptoms Not to be Ignored 

Potentially the most common of all early pregnancy symptoms is the missed period. It has traditionally been the most popular event leading to a pregnancy test ever. However, it may not be the result of pregnancy issues.

Not all missed periods mean your pregnant. And having some bleeding may be normal during pregnancy. So how do you know? Get medical advice and ask pregnancy questions in order to get the right answers.

The reasons behind a missed period besides pregnancy issues may be a gain or loss in weight, stress, and hormonal issues. Despite the other possibilities, a pregnancy test is certainly warranted. 

Changes in Your Breasts May be an Early Sign of Pregnancy 

Changes in your breasts may be a very early sign of pregnancy. All women do not experience breast changes, but it is important to look for. It is one of the early pregnancy symptoms and pregnancy issues woman discuss often.

After conception, your hormone levels can change. This could lead to swollen and sore breasts a few weeks after, according to the American Pregnancy Association. If they feel different to your touch, or if the areola, the area around your nipples change color, you may indeed be pregnant.



Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Pregnancy Issues: Fatigue 

One of the most common pregnancy issues is fatigue. However, fatigue can also be one of the many early pregnancy symptoms. One week after conception, women can find themselves worn out.

Progesterone may be the culprit of your fatigue. But fatigue is not always an early sign of pregnancy. Low blood sugar and other common health issues may also be causing you to feel a bit unusually tired during the day.

More Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Pregnancy Issues

Your body is under a state of change as your little bundle of joy begins to develop inside you. This will cause your hormones to rise and fall like those uncontrollable emotions experienced during pregnancy.

Here are a few more early pregnancy symptoms and pregnancy issues caused by a change in hormone levels:

  • Mood swings in the first trimester.
  • More than usual urination, but this may also be an indicator of a UTI or diabetes.
  • Dizziness related to blood flow and blood sugar.
  • Headaches.
  • Back pain.
  • Constipation related to progesterone.

There are a variety of early pregnancy signs and pregnancy issues. However, you may experience only a few, or possibly none. If you think you may be pregnant, take a pregnancy test and seek medical advice. You can even access OBGYN specialists online to get answers about your pregnancy issues.

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