7 Amazing Facts you Need to Know about your Period

7 facts about periods

Having your period may feel like an inconvenience, but it is actually a sign that you are healthy. Check out 7 amazing facts about periods you need to know. Your period is not a monthly inconvenience, it is just one of the many amazing abilities of the female body. While your monthly cycle can bring […]

Everything a Doctor Wants you to Know About Your First Month of Pregnancy

first month of pregnancy

Everything a doctor wants you to know about the first month of your pregnancy.   The beginning of a new pregnancy can be an exciting time. Whether the first month of pregnancy goes undetected or each day is celebrated; there are certain things our doctors would love to expect parents to know.        […]

5 Exercises to do in Pregnancy that Will Help with Labor

5 pregnancy exercises

Labor is physically demanding. Training with our 5 exercises can help prepare your body.    Everyone knows there is a reason they call it labor. If it were easy it would be called something else. Yet many expecting mothers go into childbirth without any physical training. Just as you prepare your home for your new […]

5 Tips to Avoid Your Next UTI

Avoid a painful UTI with our guide to preventing the infection before it starts.  Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) can be annoying, painful and in some cases, serious. Unfortunately women are especially prone to these below the belt infections because of their anatomy. UTIs are the most frequent bacterial infections in women accounting for nearly 25% […]

Genital Warts: Everything a Doctor Wants you to Know

gential warts

You could have genital warts and not even know it. Genital warts can take months or even years to manifest and in some cases only develop inside of your body. Learn how to minimize your risk.  Each year nearly 20 million Americans will get a sexually transmitted infection. Before HPV vaccines, about 350,000 women and […]

5 Ways to Manage Weight Gain During Pregnancy

manage pregnancy weight gain

Eating for two can lead to some serious regret when it comes to trying to lose the baby weight. Manage your weight gain during pregnancy with our top five tips!    Pregnancy and weight gain seem to go hand in hand. Of course they should. After all, you are spending the better part of a […]

Everything you Need to Know About Oral Chlamydia

Asking a new sexual partner to get tested is never a comfortable topic for discussion. Unfortunately, it is a reality of sex with a new partner-even if you aren’t having penetrative sex.  While more than 1.5 million people are infected with chlamydia each year, the real number is likely much higher. That is because this […]

Advice From a Doctor: Living with HPV

advice from a doctor on living with HPV

Living with HPV: Being diagnosed with HPV does not mean you cannot live a normal life. Let our doctors guide your next steps.  If you have been diagnosed with the human papillomavirus (HPV), know that you are not alone. In fact, approximately 14 million cases of HPV are diagnosed in the U.S. each year. It […]

“Your Doctor’s Online Helped me get Care after my C-section”

Ask a doctor c section

Jessica had an unplanned c-section after her son’s heart rate began to fall during labor. A c-section was not part of her ideal birth plan, and she felt unprepared to recover from major surgery while also learning how to care for her new baby.    “I felt like I was thrown into the wringer and […]

Everything you Need to Know About Chlamydia in Pregnancy

banish razor burn

Sexually transmitted diseases can be contracted at any time, but are especially dangerous during pregnancy. Check out everything you need to know about chlamydia during pregnancy.  Often called the silent disease, Chlamydia often presents no symptoms.  In fact, about 75% of women and 50% of men will not experience any indications that they have a […]