‘I was getting constant body aches due to Vitamin D deficiency.’

Body aches and Vitamin D deficiency

Did you guys know how important it is to take sunlight for getting natural Vitamin D from our skin for body aches and pains? Read below to find out.

Hey, fellow new mummies, I am Karen, 23 years old. Like many of you, I did not know post-pregnancy how essential it is to take care of ourselves.

I delivered my baby girl four weeks back. The hospital discharged me with all the necessary information regarding the baby and her care. Little did I know to take care of this girl, I need to take care of myself. Soon after discharge, I started having body aches followed by joint pains.

I was depressed because every bone in my body was in pain.

It was getting difficult for me to walk short distances without taking breaks in between. Day by day, I was feeling tired and depressed. I felt muscle weakness throughout the day. It was challenging to complete even small chores at home.

I just did not feel like myself; all I wanted was to sleep. It was hard to care for myself with all the responsibilities. Pandemic has made it really difficult to go and see a doctor as if it was ever easy before.


Google was diagnosing me with CANCER, but Your Doctor Online came to my rescue!

I turned to our friend Google and started looking for home remedies and causes for my symptoms, which further made me depress as there were so many horrible diseases that may cause such symptoms.

There, in an ocean of information, I found the guiding light – Your Doctors Online; I downloaded their app, which minds a free trial. I was skeptical in the beginning if it was a scam, but guess what? The application connected me to a doctor in no time; from their first few messages, I realized that it was a real doctor and not a bot.

I couldn’t believe talking to a real doctor from my couch was this easy!

The doctor was polite and patient. It was like talking to my doctor in her office; she took my detailed history from pregnancy, delivery and diet. She inquired about my diet in detail, which I was embarrassed to admit consisted of junk food only. I never checked my blood reports in the hospital, nor was I caring about my water intake.

After a detailed evaluation, she diagnosed me with calcium and vitamin D  deficiency. It was evident in my blood reports, not only was I care less about what I was eating, I was mainly surviving on jam and toast – basically, anything that does not consume time.

The Solution is a few clicks away. Connect with your doctor today!

Diet and sunlight can provide natural vitamin D – Thank you, Your Doctors Online, for reminding me to take care of myself.

The doctor explained to me that by adding simple food products like eggs, mushrooms, milk, fish to my daily diet, I would be able to maintain my levels along with medication for a long time.

She prescribed me OTC supplements for calcium and vitamin D, which I easily bought from my nearest pharmacy. On her recommendation, I have started taking sunbaths for 5-10 mins daily to get natural VITAMIN D from in my skin – it was that easy!

It has been two weeks since I spoke to my doctor, and I can tell you without a doubt I feel a lot of difference in my health. I have improved my diet and lifestyle. The oral medications and good water intake, and diet have helped me recover from muscle weakness and body aches. I feel fresher and more active now.

My pleasant free trial experience made me subscribe permanently to Your Doctors Online.

I want to thank Your Doctors Online for providing a platform where I can discuss my health issues without waiting for hours in a clinic. Moreover, they arranged a follow-up for me to keep a check on my health. My free trial is over, but I couldn’t let this gem go away. I have subscribed, and I go back to them for any health concerns regarding myself and my baby. The doctors have been really supportive.

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