How to Make a New Year’s Resolution You’ll Actually Keep

Last updated: July 2, 2021

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Your New Year’s Resolution is all about bettering yourself professionally and personally. Many resolutions revolve around health and wellness, but often falter after a few months into the New Year. It is time to make a New Year’s resolution that will stick in 2018!

Did you know that only eight percent of people actually keep their New Year’s resolution? That is not an encouraging statistic. However, there are a few resolution hacks you can easily employ to make sure you are in that eight percentile.

New Year’s Resolution Hack #1: Put Pen to Paper!

This seems pretty obvious, but often a skipped step among resolution setters. It is vital to write your resolution down with actually ink, on actually paper. Once you right down your resolution, pin it to your bathroom mirror as a daily reminder.

New Year’s Resolution Hack #2: Make a Commitment

New Year’s Eve is days away, but there is still time to put a plan in place to commit to your health and wellness goals. Once you write down your resolution you need to list a number of highly achievable goals for success.

For example, if you want to lose 10 pounds to fight obesity in 2018 you will list goals like, run two miles daily, eat more vegetables and fruit, no more fast food, and do yoga three times a week. These goals serve as your roadmap to resolution success.

New Year’s Resolution Hack #3: Visualize Success

Many successful athletes visualize their wins prior to ever competing. This visualization puts your mind in a state of successful thinking before you begin. To reach your resolution goals, visualize what you will look like when you ring in 2019.

New Year’s Resolution Hack #4: Plan to Stay Motivated

Motivation is your greatest ally when it comes to achieving your New Year’s resolution. If you fail to stay motivated, your health and wellness goals will all be forgotten by March. Think of ways to stay motivated throughout the year.

For instance, if you want to maximize fat loss in 2018 you can buy a pair of stylish jeans a few sizes to small. Try to fit in them every Saturday and see how much fire to win burns inside you.

New Year’s Resolution Hack #5: Be Accountable for Your Goals

One of the best things you can do to achieve your 2018 resolution is to tell everyone you know about your goals. Post it on social media and call friends and family, because more people who know the better. Whether you want to look younger or stop smoking, sharing your resolution with others will keep you accountable and on track.

Make 2018 a Resolution Win!

Health and wellness New Year’s resolutions are excellent, but it is always important to talk to a doctor prior to starting any diet or exercise routine. Get the information you need and deserve to stay healthy and injury free all year by getting free doctor medical advice today. Simply click the button below and get six months free health care with no commitment needed.

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