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Staph infections, also called staphylococcus infections, are caused by bacteria. In general, these bacteria reside on the skin and the nose, but a break or an injured skin can result in staph skin infections where bacteria manage to invade and lead to infection. Symptoms include impetigo, boils, cellulitis, sore/ulcer, and fever chills. 

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What are the causes of staph infection?

Staphylococcus bacteria cause staph infection. This bacteria enters the body after close contact with an infected person or fluid. Some of the other causes of staph infection include: 

  • Compromised or weak immune system to fight against foreign objects or bacteria 
  • Skin-to-skin contact with an infected person and bacteria exposure. 
  • Sharing personal items like towels or razors. 
  • Surgical wounds or medical devices that are not sterilized properly.
  • Crowded or unsanitary living conditions that can cause direct contact with contaminations
  • Certain medical conditions, such as diabetes or eczema, weaken the immune system. 
  • Healthcare-associated exposure, such as in hospitals or long-term care facilities where patients with multiple bacteria species come for a stay. 
  • Poor hygienic environment or room.

What are the symptoms of Staph infection?

Some of the most common symptoms of staph infection include: 

  • Skin abscesses or boils.
  • Redness, warmth, and swelling around the affected area.
  • Pain or tenderness at the site of infection.
  • Pus or fluid drainage from the lesion.
  • Fever or chills.
  • Fatigue or general malaise.
  • Rash or blisters.
  • Cellulitis
  • Impetigo
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What are the treatment options for Staph infection?

Treatment options for staph infection usually include: 

  • Antibiotics (oral or intravenous) specific to the strain of Staph bacteria as per the diagnosis and prescription of the healthcare provider. 
  • Drainage of abscesses or infected wounds.
  • Topical antibiotics or antiseptic creams for localized infections.

Topical or oral antibiotics are prescripted after your healthcare provider’s careful diagnosis and prescription.

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  • Mupirocin ointment, apply thrice daily for 7 days
  • Cephalexin 500mg, one tablet thrice daily for 7

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FAQS about staph infection and treatment

Staph infection when to go to the hospital?

If you have a persistent fever, a weakened immune system or an infection that lasts for more than a week, you need to visit the hospital for staph infection treatment or consult doctor online

Can I use telehealth for a staph infection?

You can connect with virtual telehealth doctors online through your doctor's app.

Are staph infections contagious?

Yes, they can be transmitted by skin to skin contact or touching contaminated objects.

What is the fastest way to cure staph infection?

If you have a staph infection in the nose, connect with our board-certified doctor and get a prescription issued within minutes!

How to treat staph infection?

Treatment for Staph infections usually includes antibiotics. Antibiotics are prescribed depending on the extent of the condition.
To differentiate how severe your staph infection is, seek medical advice from our team of doctors who are available 24/7 to assist you.

What causes staph infection?

Staph infections are caused by the bacteria, Staphylococcus that usually resides on the skin and the nose, but in case there is a break in the skin it can result in an infection.

How to get rid of staph infection?

For minor infections, topical antibiotics can be used. For mild to severe infections oral or IV antibiotics are required.
Since resistance to treatment is widespread to determine the best line of treatment for you, connect with one of our staph infection doctors online and get proper guidance.

How do you a get staph infection?

Common modes of transmission include cuts/ skin abrasions, skin contact and sharing of contaminated objects.

How to get a prescription for staph infection online?

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Strongest antibiotic for staph infection?

Treatment depends on the type or extent of the infection. Commonly used antibiotics include Mupirocin, Bacitracin, Vancomycin or Doxycycline.

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