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Read How Your Doctors Online Helped Alisha Discover That She Had Mastitis 

I am Alisha, and I just had a baby girl a few months ago. I knew that breastfeeding was the best decision until I developed a painful condition known as mastitis. 

My breast started burning, and my nipples began to hurt  

I had a most painful experience ever. It started when I was breastfeeding Jule at four weeks. I noticed my left breast was swollen, hot and tender, but I ignored it. I thought it was just some swelling due to the feed Jule had been taking. However, there was also a burning sensation in my breast. Jule was still breastfeeding, and even though I was in pain, I was just glad my baby girl was okay. 

My breast suddenly got more painful, and I developed a high-grade fever. After that I also noticed that my breast was now inflamed, and it was almost impossible to continue breastfeeding. When the pain was unbearable, I told my husband while crying. My nipples were hurting and there was a burning sensation in my breast. I didn’t want to start Jule on bottled milk! We were afraid that we could not get a doctor’s appointment for the next few months. 

My husband discovered Your Doctors Online, and the doctor diagnosed me with mastitis. 

So my husband and I started looking for help online. Unfortunately, Google told me I had developed cancer, and I was inconsolable. So we swept off the web for hours and hours to find out how to relieve the pain.

I then discovered another site that told me I could live chat with professionals at Your Doctors Online. Desperate for help, I signed up. I was attended to immediately by Dr Fariah Hanif. She asked me how I felt and the issues I was facing. I told her about the burning sensation, pain in my nipples, swelling, and inability to feed my baby. I also developed a puss-filled pimple in my breast, which seemed to increase in size. After listening to me carefully, Dr Fariah helped me calm down. She told me that I was suffering from mastitis and not cancer. I asked her how to get rid of mastitis because I was eager. 

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How to get rid of mastitis and breast abscesses?

Dr Fariah told me that Mastitis is prevalent in breastfeeding mothers and is treatable. It is essential to start treatment on time to manage the condition. The doctor further explained that I would require antibiotic therapy to treat the condition. She advised me to apply warm or cold compresses to the site. She also instructed me to continue breast emptying by breast pumping every 2 hours or when engorged if it is not too painful. 

I started my antibiotic therapy for mastitis. 

The doctor guided me that the infection would settle in about 14 days. She advised me to revisit her for a follow-up after that. Meanwhile, whenever I had trouble feeding Jule or any query related to my issue, I was just a click away from help! 

Your doctors online helped me get through this. The best part was that the doctors were available 24/7 anytime I logged in! 

I thought I would never get out of how I was feeling, but thanks to the doctors at your doctors online, I feel much better. The swelling has subsided, my nipples are much better, and Jule is back on mother feed! 

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Information On Mastitis Added By Our Doctors

What is Mastitis? 

Mastitis refers to a condition in which the breast becomes swollen, hot and painful. It is most common in breastfeeding women, but men can also get it. It causes a burning sensation in the breast. Nipple discharge is also one of the symptoms. If Mastitis is left untreated, it may lead to an abscess formation and further complications. Mastitis occurs when bacteria found on skin or saliva enter the breast tissue through a milk duct or crack in the skin.

Symptoms of Mastitis:

Early signs of mastitis include pain in one of the breasts, a small lump, redness, or discomfort during nursing .

A few symptoms that may help in identifying mastitis include :

  • Itchy breasts
  • A warm and tender breast
  • A lump in the breast – Usually, it is a hard lump
  • Breast pain depends upon the progression of the disease
  • Pain during feeding is severe
  • Fever occurs when there is systemic spread
  • Chills with shivering may occur too, sometimes
  • Headache with heaviness
  • Body aches

Getting Rid Of Mastitis. 

 Antibiotic therapy is given for at least 10-14 days to help the symptoms subside. Also, the application of warm and cold compressions help in soothing the pain/burning sensation.

Chronic Mastitis

Chronic mastitis can occur in postmenopausal women due to breast infections, leading to chronic inflammation of the ducts or hormonal changes in the body. Symptoms usually include a burning sensation in the breast or nipple.

Complications if left untreated

Untreated infections can result in breast abscess and a nipple fissure. Severe cases of mastitis may be fatal if left untreated.


It is possible to prevent mastitis by fully draining the milk from the breasts. The blocked duct may cause the infection and make it even worse. In non-pregnant women, timely management of mastitis with antibiotics can help avoid complications.

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