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I’m a 40-year-old man, and this is how I found my hypertension headache cure.

I considered myself fit with a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits. I’m a finance manager that can get a little stressing at times. However, I’m doing well for myself and my family.

I was getting ongoing headaches that didn’t respond to Paracetamol.

For the past six months, I had been experiencing headaches on and off. Recently they became more severe and consistent. Common pain killers like Paracetamol were not helping. The headache kept me up at night that further affected my day-to-day work routine. 

I decided to look for help online as I couldn’t find time to see a physician in person. I ended up downloading Your Doctors Online, and soon I was connected to an online doctor.

Online Hypertension Headache doctor

The doctor ruled out different causes of headaches.

The doctor took a detailed history of my headache and the symptoms associated with it. She ruled out migraines as there were no changes with the light, sound, no nausea, vomiting or aura associated with them.

I drink 2-3L of water, so dehydration was not the cause and I had no problems with vision that ruled out poor eyesight or straining.

My eating habits are healthy as well, and I exercise every day. I stay stressed because of work, but I have no other co-morbid like diabetes or high cholesterol.

The doctor further asked about smoking, which I agree is the only unhealthy habit I have, and I am not proud of it. But I only smoke occasionally. She explained how smoking alone could increase the risk of Cardiovascular Diseases by 5-fold.

I thought I was healthy and couldn’t have a ‘hypertension headache.’

She asked me to check my blood pressure and inform her of the readings. Upon checking, my blood pressure was 160/90 mmHg. She asked me to check one more time after 2 hours. This time it showed 172/90 mmHg. 

Honestly, I was in denial when the doctor informed me that my headache is related to high blood pressure and is called ‘hypertension headache.’ How could I get high blood pressure? I was healthy-or at least I thought so? I was physically active and ate healthily. Could just a little work stress cause this?  How can I get a hypertension headache cure?

I monitored my blood pressure for seven consecutive days.

She calmed me down and asked me to monitor my blood pressure morning and evening for seven consecutive days taking two readings 1 min apart and making a chart. The online doctor will then calculate an average of the readings. If more than 135/85 mmHg, it will be considered high. 

Further, She instructed me to avoid smoking, exercise, caffeinated beverages, and alcohol. The doctor explained in detail how I was supposed to take the blood pressure – rest for 5mins, with feet flat on the floor, back straight and supported, and left arm resting on a flat surface at heart level. 

She advised a few breathing exercises, meditation, and other techniques to cope with my stress. I followed her advice and monitored my blood pressure at home.

Hypertension headache cure

Your Doctors Online diagnosed me with Stage 2 Hypertension. 

After a week, I followed up with her and sent her my blood pressure chart, which averaged at 150/90 mmHg. That classifies as stage 2 hypertension, for which I had to start antihypertensives. 

She advised further investigations before starting treatment for hypertension headache. The doctor asked me to get the following tests done: blood electrolytes, renal function, blood sugar, lipid profile, a urinalysis, and an ECG. Since I had no other co-morbid like diabetes or an underlying heart condition, I was prescribed a calcium channel blocker.

She asked me to get reassessed by a cardiologist after one month of taking the antihypertensive and follow up with her after getting reports for the blood workup.

I had to make lifestyle modifications to prevent future episodes of hypertension headache.

The doctor firmly advised me to quit smoking and offered smoking cessation medication.

The online doctor emphasized the importance of diet and nutrition, especially vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and fish. She asked me to reduce the intake of processed meat and sweetened beverages. 

Plus, she advised me to engage in at least 150 mins of moderate-intensity activities per week, such as brisk walking or recreational swimming.

I can live a healthier, headache-free life now.

I followed the advice given by my doctor and started the medication. My headaches have now become a lot better. I monitor my blood pressure, which now averages at 120/80 mmHg. I feel proud of myself for not smoking for the past month and will keep this up. Meditation and deep breathing exercises have been helping me keep my anxiety low. I continue to eat healthily and walk every day. 

The advice I received was simple but transformed me. I feel like a better version of myself and am more focused. I follow up with my cardiologist for hypertension as well, but talking to an online doctor is always a click away if I have any other issues. In my experience, Your Doctors Online guides you and gives you the best direction to your queries.

Cheers to the team

Online hypertension headache cure

Information on Hypertension Headaches added by Your Doctors Online team.

Often people with high blood pressure complain of headaches on the sides and top of the head. They describe it as a throbbing or pulsating headache. Though some obvious link between hypertension and headache is not yet approved, it has been seen in prevalence among hypertensive patients.


Hypertension headache is caused by high blood pressure. Some studies suggest that as the blood pressure rises, the pressure on the delicate blood vessels also rises which in turn causes headaches on the sides and top of the head. However, the American Heart Association is of the view that headaches can be attributed to hypertension only when there is a hypertensive crisis. Hypertensive crisis occurs when the diastolic pressure rises from 90-120 mm Hg.

Symptoms of hypertension headaches

Some of the major symptoms of hypertensive headaches are as follows:

  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Vomiting
  • Pain behind the eyes

Hypertensive headaches cure

As these headaches are caused by high blood pressure, they should not be neglected. Hypertension is a silent killer therefore proper medication is necessary to overcome this. In case you are experiencing headaches due to high blood pressure, you need to lower down blood pressure as soon as possible. Some of the medications used for this purpose are:

However, none of them should be taken without a doctor’s prescription even in the case of severe pain. In the case of a hypertensive crisis, one should always rush to the emergency.

online hypertension specialist

Prevention of hypertensive headaches

If you are disturbed by hypertension headaches, you have to follow steps to lower down your blood pressure. Here are some ways to prevent high blood pressure:

  1. Regular exercise

Exercising for at least half an hour is vital for keeping the blood pressure within a normal range. If you cannot go to the gym on a regular basis, go jogging, hiking, or cycling. Try push-ups, weight lifting, or any other muscle-strengthening exercise at least twice a week.

  1. Dietary changes

Eat low-fat dairy products that minimize the risk of hypertension. Eat whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid processed foods.

  1. Minimize salt intake as much as possible. This will assist in maintaining lower blood pressure.
  2. Cut down nicotine in every possible way. Smoking raises blood pressure for an adequate time. That is why making an end of smoking is a must for hypertensive patients.
  3. Reduce alcohol consumption as it causes severe heart problems when used in excess. The American heart association recommends two alcoholic drinks per day for men while one for women.
  4. Avoid stress by meditation, yoga, etc.

If you find any of the above-mentioned symptoms of hypertensive headaches like pain behind the eyes or dizziness, you should immediately consult with our online doctors before taking any over-the-counter drug. These headaches can be avoided by proper counselling and treatment only.

Download Your Doctors Online today and consult with a physician within minutes.

why do i wake up with a headache

Disclaimer: This article provides general information and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or medical condition. If you require specific advice, please consult one of our medical professionals through the app. However, in case of an emergency, please call 911.

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