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A vaginal yeast infection is a fungal infection that can cause irritation, abnormal discharge and intense itchiness of the vagina. Don’t let a yeast infection hold you back. Our doctors can provide you treatment for vaginal candidiasis within minutes.

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  • Clotrimazole cream 1%, apply twice daily for 7 days
  • Fluconazole 150mg, once only

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Causes of Yeast Infection

Overgrowth on Candida leads to symptoms related to vaginal yeast infection. There can be multiple reasons for the overgrowth of Candida, including: 

  •   Antibiotic or corticosteroid use that imbalance the natural bacteria in your vagina
  •   Pregnancy
  •   Uncontrolled diabetes
  •   An impaired immune system
  •   Taking oral contraceptives or hormone therapy that increase estrogen levels
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FAQS About Yeast Infection

Can I get treatment for vaginal fungal infection within 24 hours?

Yes, you can. With Your Doctors Online, you can get treatment for vaginal fungal infection within minutes. All you have to do is download our application and consult with our online doctor.

How long does a yeast infection last?

It depends on the severity of your infection. Mild yeast infections may subside in three days. But moderate to severe infections may take one to two weeks to subside. To get proper, timely treatment, please chat with one of our online doctors.

What is the treatment for a yeast infection?

Treatment for yeast infection depends on the complexity of your condition. The first-line medication for uncomplicated yeast infection is oral fluconazole 150mg single dose. For recurrent vaginal fungal infections in nonpregnant women, treatment consists of fluconazole 150 mg every 72 hours for three doses, followed by maintenance fluconazole therapy once per week for six months. Please consult with our board-certified doctors to get the most appropriate treatment for your symptoms and prescriptions online.

Can I get treatment for vaginal fungal infections if I am pregnant?

Yes, our doctors can prescribe you topical antifungals (clotrimazole or miconazole) to apply locally for seven days. For more detailed information, please consult with our online doctors.

how long do I have to wait before having sex after completing yeast infection treatment?

You should wait five to seven days after completing yeast infection treatment before you can have sex again. Otherwise, it can lead to irritability, itchiness, burning and swelling.

What Is the difference between UTI and yeast infection?

Yeast infections occur due to an overgrowth of the Candida fungus, causing itching, pain, and odourless white vaginal discharge. In contrast, urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused by bacterial or fungal infections in the urinary tract. Symptoms include frequent urination along with pain and burning while urinating.

Do I have to get my sexual partner treated as well if I have a yeast infection?

Although sexual transmission of Candida species can occur, most experts do not recommend treatment of yeast infection for your sexual partner if they don’t have any symptoms or risk factors like diabetes, being immunocompromised etc.

What are the symptoms of yeast infection?

Symptoms of yeast infection are:
· Itching and irritation in the vagina
· A burning sensation, especially during sex or while urinating
· Redness and swelling of the vulva
· Vaginal pain
· Vaginal rash
· Thick, white, odour-free vaginal discharge

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