“My Semen Smells Like Rotten Eggs!”

Last updated: July 30, 2021

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I am a 22-year-old college student, and for the past ten months, my semen has had a fishy odour, and sometimes it smells like rotten eggs. I believe it started after I had intercourse with a new partner. 

After multiple STD treatments, the smell was still there.

I avoided all sexual encounters after that as I felt embarrassed. Also, it would be a massive turn-off for my partner, and if I had an infection, I didn’t want to spread it further.

I went to 2 GPs and a Urologist who treated me for Trichomoniasis and Gonorrhea. Each time after the course of the antibiotic, the smell subsided for a week but then came back every time. The doctor asked me to get urine and semen cultures done, but they came back negative. My STD tests were also clear.

If I had no infection, what was causing the smell? It was gross; when I masturbated, my entire room would smell. 

Nothing was helping with the rotten smell; I isolated myself.

I felt disgusted. Hygiene sprays, scented soaps, expensive fragranced shower gels to help counter the smell, but nothing seemed to work. My sexual, mental, emotional health deteriorated because of this. 

It was my final year in college, but I isolated myself from my friends.

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I tried my luck with Your Doctors Online.

I resorted to Dr. Google to help me figure out my condition. Upon searching, I decided on talking to a doctor online. So, I downloaded Your Doctors Online, as it had good ratings. 

I was put in the waiting queue, as the doctors were busy. I got the impression that it was a busy app with a lot of traffic, which explained the excellent ratings.

After waiting for roughly 5 mins, Dr. Fatima Dar connected with me. She was polite and listened to my concerns patiently without brushing them off as unimportant. 

I learnt that diet is as crucial as hygiene for semen health.

She went on to ask about any other symptoms that I may have. I did not have any rashes/bumps, penile discharge, nor urinary complaints.  

Dr. Fatima asked about my dietary habits in detail. All the things that I eat in a day and if my diet has changed in these past ten months. 

I am supposed to graduate from college this year, so I hardly find time to eat healthy meals and resort to junk food, plus my coffee intake also tremendously increased. 

I did not realize these things could have an impact on the smell of my semen. Dr. Dar began to explain how a diet rich in processed meat and garlic, excessive coffee or alcohol can cause the semen to have a pungent smell. 

fecal incontinence blogHygiene sprays have no role.

She further enlightened me that scented products and hygiene spray that I was using aggravated the problem and recommended I wash the genitals using plain warm water. 

Upon further inquiry, I stated I was uncircumcised, so she explained how the buildup of smegma could also cause a foul odour that, along with a collection of sweat and urine, can further worsen the smell making it fishy or like rotten eggs. 

With Your Doctors Online, I made lifestyle changes.

I had to cut down on coffee, increase my water intake, and limit the consumption of processed food. The doctor told me how to carefully retract the foreskin and clean the area with only plain warm water after every visit to the toilet. 

She recommended I wear loose cotton undergarments to avoid excessive sweating. She explained how an overall healthy lifestyle could improve sexual health. 

I saw a change in semen smell within two weeks. 

I religiously followed the advice given by my doctor for two weeks as I was determined to get rid of the odour, and this resulted in a noticeable change. The smell was fading. I was adamant not to let this happen again and so adapted the lifestyle changes. 

Now I am my confident self again. Who would’ve thought something like this could have such a significant impact on your life and self-esteem? I am so glad I found Your Doctors Online and my doctor, who helped me through this journey which even the specialists couldn’t do. I am now healthier and make better choices for myself- and the best choice I made was downloading Your Doctors Online. 

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