Does Vagisil Cure Yeast infections?

vagisil cure yeast

Vagisil: does this medication treat the symptoms and the cause of yeast infections? 

Yeast infections are a common complaint among females. In fact, approximately 75% of women will have a yeast infection at some point in their lives. Yeast infections are the second most common vaginal infection.

The symptoms that accompany a yeast infection are uncomfortable. Itchy, tender skin in an area that can’t be scratched in public. These are symptoms that any woman would want to get rid of fast. Unfortunately, some products marketed for yeast infections will treat the symptoms but not the underlying cause.

Yeast Infection Symptoms

  • Vaginal itching or soreness
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Pain or discomfort when urinating

Vagisil is an over the counter medication that can give you an immediate relief for your vulva’s itching skin. However, it won’t aid you in permanently getting rid of the yeast infections. Vagisil is comprised of benzocaine and resorcinol which are numbing compounds that obstruct nerve signals in your body.

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It can be extremely helpful in minimizing pains, irritations or soreness that were caused by vaginal yeast infections, but Vagisil won’t cure the actual vaginal yeast infections.

Vagisil also contains some possibly irritating and harmful components that may be best to be avoided while having vaginal yeast infections.

What Chemicals are in Vagisil?

Vagisil contains five percent benzocaine, which is a mild anesthetic. Common side effects include mild stinging, burning, or itching in the area of skin where it is applied. It also contains two percent resorcinol which helps with pain and itch. This ingredient may not be safe to use if you are pregnant or nursing.

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Why Doesn’t Vagisil Treat the Yeast Infection?

vagisil does not cure yeast infections
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The reason that Vagisil doesn’t treat yeast infections is because it is not an anti-fungal medication. Yeast infections occur when an overgrowth of the microscopic fungus candida occurs in your vagina. Candida is normally found inside several areas of the body including the mouth, gut and vagina without causing any problems.

There are several things that can cause this yeast imbalance. Check out our article 5 Reasons You Keep Getting a Yeast Infection.

When the environment changes in the vagina it can encourage the candida to grow. An overgrowth of candida (which is a type of fungus) can cause a fungal infection. In order to combat this overgrowth an anti-fungal medication is required.

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Vagisil has medical ingredients to treat the symptoms the yeast infection can cause such as itching and burning on the vulva and vagina but cannot combat the yeast overgrowth.

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Anti-fungal Creams and Suppositories for Yeast Infections

Clotrimazole, miconazole or tioconazole are antifungal compounds that are included in antifungal suppositories and creams. They have been exhibited to have powerful results against various candida species and are usually effective in just a few days.

Natural Remedies for Yeast Infections

Yogurt is a natural treatment for yeast infections
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If you think an all-natural alternative for the cure of yeast infections would be better for you, there are various options easily available.

Aloe vera has scientifically proven anti-fungal components. You can apply some aloe gel on your vulva for immediate alleviation of the itching. If fresh aloe vera is within reach, don’t use the gel. Use the pulp from the leaves instead.

A 2017 study demonstrated that eating Greek yogurt can reduce yeast in the body. So consuming Greek yogurt can help keep your yeast levels low or help alleviate a yeast overgrowth.

Boric acid is a topic antiseptic that the Center for Disease Control recommends for the treatment of vaginal infections. Although this is recommended as a complimentary treatment to an anti-fungal medication.

Coconut oil also has proven anti-fungal properties that can be effective against candida. It is important to only use pure organic varieties. You can apply directly to the infected area.

Don’t Get Misdiagnosed

It is important to note that it is important to speak to a doctor before using any treatments (natural or not) if this is your first yeast infection.

A 2010 study of 546 people published in Nursing Research discovered that their study participants misdiagnosed themselves with yeast infections around 30 percent of the time.

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Are You Still Going to Use Vagisil?

Vagisil can definitely aid in relieving the symptoms of vaginal yeast infections, but as previously mention, it won’t get rid of the actual yeast infections. A better alternative to Vagisil would be to get an anti-fungal medication or natural treatments to permanently eliminate the yeast infections. If you’ve noticed that the symptoms remain, consult your doctor.

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