I Was Prescribed Medication By Your Doctors Online That Relieved Muscle Spasms In My Lower Back!

I Was Prescribed Medication By Your Doctors Online That Relieved Muscle Spasms In My Lower Back!
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Read How Your Doctors Online Helped Harriet Treat Muscle Spasms In Her Lower Back!

I am Harriet, and I have been working at the daycare for the past few months. Compared to my last job, this felt like a welcome change. Being around kids made me feel young and rejuvenated all over again until I developed muscle spasms in my lower back.

I started experiencing back pain, which later turned into muscle spasms. 

I was used to a desk job at reception for the past year. However, a daycare position recently opened up, and I immediately accepted the position, thinking that the transition may lift my spirits. The job itself wasn’t that challenging, but physical exertion was involved. I had to raise kids and run after them, which was tiring. A few weeks into it, I started experiencing lower backache and had to take painkillers regularly. 

The lower backache was proving to be a nuisance! 

The painkillers helped a few days, but the pain worsened, and I started experiencing muscle spasms in my lower back. Soon I started feeling muscle spasms in my neck as well. I tried applying a heating pad and an ice pack, but that didn’t help either. 

The online doctor at Your Doctors Online prescribed a muscle relaxant!

At this point, I was sick of the constant pain that made sleeping hard.

Unfortunately, the new job wouldn’t even give me time off work, so that I couldn’t make an appointment with my doctor. Therefore, I started searching online for treatment options. 

I came across an online platform, Your Doctors Online, and immediately signed up for it. Dr. Farrukh greeted me and asked me about my symptoms. She reassured me and told me that there was no need to worry. The doctor told me that muscle spasms are usually caused by dehydration, intensive exercise, stress, muscle fatigue, electrolyte imbalance, or vitamin deficiencies. She prescribed me tizanidine to manage the muscle spasms.

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The doctor set a follow-up for me and recommended exercises to manage the pain!

The doctor also advised me to follow up with her and recommended gentle exercises for the back. In addition, I was advised to add Epsom salts to my bath for additional relief and muscle relaxation. Dr. Farrukh advised me to follow up with my doctor and consult a physical therapist. I was doing a lot better after following the advice provided by the online doctor. Moreover, I also started seeing a physical therapist and noticed remarkable improvement. I am glad I found this online platform, and the virtual consultation was very satisfying. 

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FAQs On Muscle Spasms Answered By Your Doctors Online Team!

What causes muscle spasms in the legs?

Dehydration, overuse of a specific muscle, and intensive exercise can result in muscle spasms in the legs. Other areas commonly affected include the neck and the back. 

How to get rid of muscle spasms?

Stretching the muscles, massaging the area, applying hot or cold compresses, hydration, mild exercises, vitamin supplementation, painkillers, topical anti-inflammatory creams, or muscle relaxants can help eliminate muscle spasms. 

How long do muscle spasms last?

They may last a few seconds, 15 minutes, or even longer. They can also recur several times. 

How to stop muscle spasms?

Some measures that may help stop muscle spams include:
Proper hydration
Massaging the area
Applying a heating pad or an ice pack
Taking a painkiller or muscle relaxant

Can anxiety cause muscle spasms?

Anxiety can result in muscle spasms by causing tension in the muscle, resulting in cramping and pain. Such cramps are treated by managing stress and ensuring a healthy lifestyle. 

Do vitamins help treat muscle spasms?

Studies suggest supplementation with B-12, Vitamin D, and magnesium may help alleviate the cramps. 

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