Can Black Seed Oil Promote Weight Loss?

black seed oil weight loss
Submitted and Medically Reviewed By: Richard Honaker M.D.

Black seed oil is now what health and fitness bloggers rave about. It has been dubbed as the new apple cider vinegar. Most have mentioned its effectiveness in helping people lose unwanted pounds.

According to the blog Paleohacks, researchers believe that black seed oil improves glucose tolerance, reduces inflammation, enhances liver health, and regulates glucose levels, which all contribute to getting your body back to its normal weight.

Balance Me Beautiful also called it one of the most effective natural remedies for losing weight.

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What is Black Seed Oil?

Also called black caraway or black cumin, black seed oil originates from the fruit seeds of the blooming nigella sativa plant. It’s part of the ranunculales family. It’s not in any way related to usual ground cumin or caraway seeds in your spice rack.

You can use it for cooking but the seeds have a slight bitter onion flavor, while the oil tastes peppery or spicy. Some say that it tastes like motor oil. Variations as a soft gel or a liquid supplement are also offered in health food stores, vitamin stores, and online.

Can Black Seed Oil Really Help in Losing Weight?

The three common claims about weight loss are that black seed oil melts your belly fat, restrains your appetite, and improves your metabolism. According to a registered dietitian and owner of a nutrition company, such claims are unsubstantiated and that there’s no one remedy that could do all of those.

A 2014 study reported in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine has revealed that oil supplementation combined with aerobic exercise had good weight loss results but the sample size is small with only 20 participants.

And it focused on lipid parameters or the reduction of risks of cardiovascular disease and not the actual weight loss.

Black seed oil contains antioxidant properties and since foods that are rich in antioxidants are usually plant-based and unprocessed, focusing on them will add more vitamins, fibers, and minerals into your diet.

Black Seed Oil May Promote Weight Loss

As a result, it can help you maintain a healthy weight. Other benefits include improved general digestive health and bloating will also be prevented.

Adding one or two servings of the seeds or oil into your foods won’t yield any side effects. One serving is equivalent to two tablespoons. You can add it on scrambled eggs, stir-fried foods, soups, salads, and curries. Just remember to consult your doctor first, especially if you’re taking any medications.

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