Alternative UTI Remedies Without Antibiotics

Alternative UTI Remedies Without Antibiotics
Medically reviewed by Richard Honaker M.D.

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is definitely uncomfortable and painful. If not treated correctly, they can also cause serious health issues, such as decreased kidney function. Antibiotics are sometimes needed, but there are UTI remedies you can give a go instead.

Alternative UTI Remedies

Did you know that you could possibly treat a UTI without antibiotics? There are a number of alternative UTI remedies you can DIY at home. But it is important to note that if a UTI doesn’t go away, it may be time to talk to a doctor.

A few quick tips are:

  • Wear cotton underwear
  • Wear loose-fitting bottoms
  • Don’t sport sweaty clothes for too long
  • Take showers, not baths

With quick tips out of the way, let’s talk about alternative UTI remedies.

Boost Natural Bacteria That’s Beneficial

One alternative UTI remedy is to support your natural bacteria. Foods like yogurt or kefir can help prevent UTIs, since these foods are probiotics. But be aware of sugar intake, since many yogurts at the local supermarket can be loaded with sugar.

You can also take probiotic supplements to help promote the healthy bacteria that are naturally in your body. Kombucha, kimchi, pickles, and sauerkraut are also great UTI remedies for possible DIY relief.

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Rid Your Diet Of Sugar

Just like you should avoid yogurts with sugar, you should also avoid most sugar in general to prevent or treat a UTI. Why? Sugar fuels the bacteria that may cause a UTI. If you get a lot of UTIs, avoiding sugar may help get your urinary tract infections under control.

A simple diet is best for preventing UTIs. Eat a healthy diet of nutrient-rich foods, such as vegetables, fruits, soups, and omega-3 fatty acid fish like salmon.

Drink Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is certainly a common alternative UTI remedy. Why? It has epicatechin, which helps prevent bacteria from taking over the walls of your bladder. It is also a natural immune-boosting antioxidant.

But not all cranberry juices are created equal. There are a lot of cranberry juices in your local supermarket that are full of sugar. Where can you find good UTI fighting cranberry juice? Your local health food store!

To get the most out of cranberry juice as one of the best alternative UTI remedies, dilute the juice at 1 to 8 with water. Then drink slowly all day long. This may help prevent or possibly treat your urinary tract infection.

Boost Immune Health To Beat Your UTI

Overall, the top three alternative UTI remedies above may be all you need. It is also nice to give a whirl instead of overusing antibiotics. Remember, over antibiotic use can lead to antibiotic resistance. If you get UTIs often, and always take antibiotics, it could be adding up to future resistance.

Boost your overall immune health by living a healthy lifestyle, exercising, and eating clean. It is also important to talk to a doctor about urinary tract infections, DIY remedies, and other health and wellness issue us women face monthly.

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