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5 Undeniable Signs of Low Sex Drive in Women

Signs of low libido

Is low sex drive keeping you from having a happy and healthy sex life? This is certainly an issue for mature women. And knowing the undeniable signs of a low libido can lead to treatment and that spark in the bedroom.

Talking to a doctor about having a low sex drive is always an excellent option. It may be a little embarrassing for women, but certainly necessary.

What Exactly is a Low Sex Drive?

Sexual dysfunction can be any issue with arousal, orgasms, and desire. Did you know that 43 percent of women experience sexual dysfunction to some degree?

If low sex drive is causing problems in the bedroom, it’s time to take action! Having a poor libido could also be your body’s way of telling you there is a deeper health issue.

How can you tell? Here are five undeniable signs of low libido in women.

5 Undeniable Signs of Low Sex Drive in Women

1. Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness normally results from natural hormone changes. Breastfeeding and menopause are two of the most common causes. And this is certainly a sign of low libido.

According to a study published in Menopause (2010), about 50 percent of postmenopausal women suffer from vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness can be worse if you have diabetes as well.

What should you do? Many specialists recommend lubrication before and during sex. This could help lift your libido a bit. Vaginal moisturizers can also be helpful. There are prescription pills your doctor can prescribe to help with vaginal dryness too.

5 Undeniable Signs of Low Sex Drive in Women

2. No Sexual Desire

Having little to no sexual desire is a definite sign of low libido. As your hormones decrease as you age, your sex drive can also decline. And if you think this is only an issue for those with menopause, think again.

In fact, around 50 percent of women between the ages of 30 to 50 suffer from low sexual desire. And taking antidepressants and hormone contraceptives can lead to this as well, according to a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine (2010).

Need a little libido pick me up in the desire department? Sometimes addressing stress and anxiety could help improve your desire between the sheets. Sexual therapists can work wonders sometimes. You can also talk to a doctor online too!

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5 Undeniable Signs of Low Sex Drive in Women

3. Intercourse is Downright Painful

Did you know that 30 percent of women experience pain during sex? According to a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine (2015), this could be due to vaginal dryness.

However, the study did also point out that other serious medical conditions could be the cause for painful intercourse. Ovarian cysts and endometriosis could be behind the pain and low sex drive.

To rule out serious medical problems, talk to a doctor and get a few women focused exams. If no big issues are found, you could discuss pelvic floor physical therapy to try and alleviate the pain.

4. Not Getting Aroused

Having arousal problems is another sign of low libido. Poor stimulation and anxiety could be to blame. Foreplay is certainly an important aspect for women. Your partner’s sexual dysfunction could also be the cause of your poor arousal in the bedroom too.

Sexual therapy, hormonal medication, yoga, and meditation are all great ways to battle arousal issues. You may even find switching things up in the bedroom with new foreplay helpful too.

5 Undeniable Signs of Low Sex Drive in Women

5. No Orgasms

Not having orgasms is a common issue. It may even be a sign that your libido is fading as you get older. Hormone changes, anxiety, stress, medication, chronic diseases, and no foreplay are all reasons for no orgasms.

However, being in the moment during intercourse could relax you into fantastic orgasms! According to a study published in the Journal of Sex Research (2015), being more mindful is a great way to reach climax.

Knowing the signs of low sex drive is vital. It may help you identify an underlying medical issue or disease, and it will allow you to remedy the low libido issue. Women should consult a doctor if any of the above signs are an issue.

Submitted by Dr. Richard Honaker:

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