10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

Last modified: August 2, 2019

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Does your anxiety cause restless sleep and over-thinking for minutes, hours, days?  It may feel like the it will never go away. Don’t know how to deal with anxiety? Did you know that twice the amount of women suffer from anxiety disorders compared to men.

Learn how to cope by following these 10 ways to effectively cope and develop approaches to your worries. They may just help.

10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

1. Repeat Something Over . . . and Over . . . and Over Again

Repeating something in your head over and over and over again is certainly a how to deal with anxiety secret. A mantra can help you get over, or even forget, about what was causing your issues in the first place.  

Think about your worrisome thought slowly for 20 minutes. Your brain will determine how to rid the problem, either by dealing with the issue, or forgetting about it. After 20 minutes, you will not even want to think about it anymore.

10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

2. Exaggerate!

When you exaggerate something, you see how ridiculous or even dull the problem really is.  This how to deal with anxiety secret helps you see the worth of the problem and it is usually not worth your frantic mood. You will realize that it’s really not a big deal!



10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

3. Crazy Thoughts are Sometimes Okay

You may have crazy thoughts sometimes in certain situations, and that’s okay. Women aren’t all that crazy. Our minds are very creative and it is normal to have a few wild and crazy thoughts every so often.

When you do have a crazy thought, explain it to yourself, and then move on. This how to deal with anxiety secret helps you realize it was only a thought.

10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

4. Case of False Anxiety Alarms   

Some of the top fears people have are the house burning down when you are gone, or even simply thinking you forgot to close the garage, or lock your car before walking into work.

Know you are having these anxieties, then let them go knowing they are just false alarms.  Women tend to worry more about these types of thoughts, and this how to deal with anxiety secret is a must.



10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

5. Turn Your Anxiety into a Movie

Disconnect your worries and troubles by separating them from your “you.” Turn your anxious thoughts into a movie and calmly observe your very own documentary with a bit of humor. This how to deal with anxiety secret may seem silly, but it works.


10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

6. Arrange Your Own Worry Time

When something worrisome pops up, leave it for the time you set aside for worrying. Do not worry about something right when it comes up. If you set aside a worry time for late afternoon, most of your worries will be resolved or not worth your worry. Not worrying right away can help you have an anxiety-free day.


10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

7. Know That You CAN’T Control Everything

Another how to deal with anxiety secret is to not let things that are out of your hands consume your time. You need to realize and be realistic about your control over certain things. Surrender to those uncontrollable circumstances. Trying to control what you have no command of will only lead to panic and worry. Submit to what you can’t control!

10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

8. Best How to Deal with Anxiety Secret, Simply Breathe

Take a breather. Breathing can help release your stress and think properly. Stress and anxiety makes the body tense up as well as hinder normal breathing. Breathing is an effective technique that can bring you back to reality when anxious. Connect back with yourself by breathing.

10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

9. Classify Your Time

Not everything requires immediate response or panic. Rank events as an emergency or not. If it is not an emergency, relax and do not fret right away. Deal with the concern. If this concern does not affect you greatly in the future, then know this issue is temporary. Some women suffer in this way when it comes to raising children. Know when to worry and when not to, for your own sake.  

10 How to Deal with Anxiety Secrets Women Need to Know

10. Women . . . Don’t Forget to Live

Anxiety disorders are common in the United States, but don’t let it affect or diminish your life.  According to statistics over the last 10 years, 54 percent of women and 46 percent of men experience anxiety disorder. Don’t lose your much needed sleep over this common mental health disorder.

Now you know how to deal with anxiety with these 10 easy ways. Get your life back into your control. You can talk to a doctor for free and get the facts and answers you need and deserve.

You may find Dr. Sohrab Zahedi’s profile reassuring to learn more about how to deal with anxiety today . . . 

Dr. Zahedi: With nearly a decade of experience, my medical expertise in psychiatry and forensic psychiatry has allowed me to offer professional patient care for group and family psychotherapy. I am presently the principal psychiatrist at the UCONN Division of Correctional Managed Healthcare Hartford Correctional Center and helm the Sohrab Zahedi, M.D., Adult & Forensic Psychiatry and Tangerine Project a Psychiatric Clinic in Connecticut as physician and owner.


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