Your Doctors Online Treated My Heat Rash!

Your Doctors Online Treated My Heat Rash!

Read How Philip Was Treated For A Heat Rash By An Online Doctor!

I am Philip, and I recently noticed a red rash on my neck and armpits. In addition, I searched online and found that my symptoms were similar to a heat rash. 

I recently moved to a new town. The move was hard for the entire family, specifically my younger siblings. The climate here is very different. It is much warmer, not something that we are all accustomed to.

The rash was extremely itchy, and nothing was helping. 

I recently joined my school football team and am a defender. Unfortunately, I had red itching spots on my neck and armpits whenever I came home after practice.

I tried everything at home to treat my heat rash!

A cold shower would provide some relief, but the rash did not disappear. I also tried every remedy available on the internet. Using countless soothings creams didn’t help either, and the rash worsened.

I was on the verge of quitting football!

Realizing that sports might worsen my rash and symptoms, I was on the verge of quitting the football team. However, one afternoon after practice, I had a long argument with my parents, and I blamed them for moving to a town with such horrible weather conditions. 

I discovered Your Doctors Online while I was grounded!

Since I was grounded after the heated argument with my parents, I searched online for solutions. The only thing good about my new school was the football team. I had just bonded with a couple of guys, and quitting would tear me apart. However, I also hoped to secure a sports scholarship and couldn’t afford to lose my only chance. Soon I found Your Doctors Online online platform and started chatting with an online doctor. 

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I was overjoyed when the online doctor told me the heat rash was treatable!

The online doctor asked me for a picture of the rash and confirmed the diagnosis. She told me that common heat rash symptoms include tiny red bumps, irritated skin, and itching. I learned that it can occur on the face, neck, chest, or armpits. The sweat rash occurs due to exposure to warm climates or intense activity/exercise, and I realized that the recent move and my football practice sessions contributed to this. Moreover, I was prescribed a cream by an online doctor for treatment. 

The heat rash went away completely!

The prescription cream helped with the prickly sensation, itching, and rash. It took a few days to feel better. After that, I was good to go and re-joined practice the following week. I apologized to my parents and told them about the app as well. My mom is a frequent user of Your Doctors Online now. 

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FAQs About Heat Rash Answered By Your Doctors Online Team

What causes heat rash?

Heat rash occurs when the pores of sweat glands become clogged. This usually occurs due to exposure to a warm climate or after exercise.

How to treat heat rash?

Some measures that may help include:
Applying cold compresses/taking a cold shower
Wearing loose cotton clothes
Keeping the room temperature cool
Application of soothing creams/Aloe vera gel
Application of topical steroids

What does heat rash look like?

Prickly feeling on the skin, itching, a burning sensation, and multiple red bumps are common symptoms of a heat rash.

How long does a heat rash last?

A mild rash usually goes away in 3-4 days. However, in some cases, it can worsen. If you develop a fever, are experiencing chills, or have pus-filled bumps, it is best to follow up with your doctor. 

How to get rid of heat rash?

Applying cold compresses, a cold bath, air conditioning, an oatmeal bath, and calamine lotion may help treat the heat rash.

How to treat a baby’s heat rash?

To treat a baby’s heat rash, the following measures may prove to be effective:
Apply cool compresses to the affected sites
Keep the area clean and dry.
Keep the baby hydrated and use fans and air conditioning. 
In severe heat rashes, take your child to see a doctor. Prescription steroid creams are the treatment in such cases. 

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