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Chris’s menstrual cycles had never been ‘regular’ but growing up they were all that she knew. As a young girl with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, she often went without her period for months at a time. She knew her PCOS could make it difficult to become pregnant. When she decided the time was right to start her family; she decided she needed to put a doctor in her pocket. 

“I knew that getting pregnant would not be easy and there would be a lot of questions. I needed to really focus on my health and having access to a doctor around the clock would help me do that,” Chris said. 

Taking the Stress out of Healthcare

Chris’s decision to focus on her health before becoming pregnant is a great idea. Yet focusing on your health is not always an easy decision. After all, there are many barriers people face in accessing a doctor. 

Making a trip to the doctor’s office often requires time off work. After all, most doctor’s offices operate within normal business hours when many people are expected to be at work. After hours clinics are often filled with people who are actively showing signs of illness. These cramped spaces are often filled with germs. Fortunately, there is a way to chat with a doctor and still avoid exposure to unwanted germs and to not miss work.

Your Doctors Online offers the flexibility of 24 hour access to a real and professional doctor. Instead of making an appointment work around your busy schedule, our doctors are available when you need us. All it takes is the touch of a button.


Here to Help Every Step of the Way

By accessing Your Doctors Online Chris was able to have all of her questions answered between her OB/GYN appointments and concentrate on the lifestyle changes she needed to make in order to better manage her PCOS. 

“I didn’t have to worry about trying to write all my questions down and remember to ask them at each appointment. Instead I got them answered right away so I could concentrate on healing my body.” 

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A Better Approach to Healthcare 

Your Doctors Online has tools to help you manage all aspects of your healthcare. From an online medical record to keep all your important medical information protected and at hand, to medication reminders to make sure you never miss a dose of vitamins or prescription drugs. Your Doctors Online is a one-stop-shop to manage your health with ease. 

“I had reminders set to take my medication daily and I am that much closer to starting my family. I can’t wait to start chatting with the doctors about my pregnancy symptoms.” 

Are you ready to make managing your healthcare easier than ever before? Try Your Doctors Online for free today. 

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