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If you are searching for a family doctor in Mississauga, Your Doctors Online is the right place to be. At Your Doctors Online, our physicians are currently accepting new patients. Whether you need prescription refills, doctor’s notes, lab requisitions, or more, get everything all from the comfort of your home.

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How do I find a family doctor in Mississauga?

Finding a family doctor in Mississauga is easy with Your Doctors Online. Our family doctors offer annual medical examinations and appointments for various common health concerns. Early detection and routine exams enable us to monitor your well-being and address issues proactively, ensuring they don’t impact your comfort. Our general practitioners listen attentively and thoroughly evaluate your health status. All you have to do is to register yourself, download our application, describe your issue, and see a family doctor in minutes.

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Why Your Doctors Online?

Across Ontario, nearly 2.3 million people are without a family doctor, a significant increase from 1.8 million in March 2020. This shortage is particularly acute in Mississauga, where at least 101,000 residents are currently without a family doctor. The lack of accessible family doctors means that critical health issues such as cancer can go undetected, important check-ups are missed, and more patients turn to already overburdened emergency departments.

This crisis disproportionately affects the province’s most vulnerable populations, including children, seniors, low-income residents, and newcomers. The latest data highlights that those living in racialized neighborhoods are especially impacted by the shortage of family doctors.

At Your Doctors Online, we are dedicated to addressing this shortage by connecting residents with family doctors accepting new patients in Mississauga. Whether you are searching for female family doctors or male in Mississauga, we can help you find the care you need.

Finding a family doctor accepting new patients in Mississauga has become increasingly challenging. However, at Your Doctors Online, we simplify this process. Our network includes board-certified family doctors in Mississauga accepting new patients, ensuring that you receive high-quality and personalized care. Our goal is to make healthcare accessible and convenient for everyone in Mississauga, helping to mitigate the impacts of the current healthcare crisis.

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  • Strep Throat
  • STD
  • UTI
  • Sexual Health
  • Skin
  • Covid


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Hi I’m Dr. Nicole. How may I help you?

Hi Dr. Nicole, I have a fever and a terrible sore throat. Can I get antibiotics for that, please?


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  • Azithromycin 250mg, two tablets on day 1 and then one tablet for the next 4 days
  • Benzydamine HCl Gargles 0.15% solution, thrice daily for 7 days

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Faqs about family doctors in Mississauga

What are the benefits of having a family doctor in Mississauga?

Having a family doctor ensures you receive comprehensive, patient-centered care. Moreover, family doctors advocate for your health and work with you to prevent illness and promote healthy living. Many telehealth facilities provide family doctor services 24/7, so you don’t have to compromise your health.

How do I find a family doctor accepting new patients in Mississauga?

To find a family doctor in Mississauga accepting new patients through Your Doctors Online, simply visit our website, register yourself, download our application, and see a doctor in minutes after describing your issue. There is no need to wait in queues or book appointments in advance; talk to a doctor at your convenience.

Why is it difficult to find a family doctor in Mississauga?

Finding a family doctor in Mississauga can be challenging due to high demand and limited availability. Many physicians have full patient rosters, making it essential to act quickly when a doctor accepts new patients. Around 0.1 million people in Mississauga are without a family doctor due to a lack of available doctors to meet the demands of a growing population.

How common is hypertension in mississauga?

Hypertension is common in Mississauga affecting more than 20% people as per 2018 statistics. It has raised the number of deaths over time. Consult our doctors at Your Doctors Online for timely treatment of hypertension.

How quickly can I see a Mississauga online doctor?

You can see a doctor in Mississauga in minutes with Your Doctors Online. Access our services 24/7 and chat with experienced doctor for any medical issue you are suffering from.

What are the chronic medical conditions in mississauga?

Chronic medical conditions that affect the people of missisauga include hypertension (22%), diabetes (12%), anxiety disorder (30%), arthritis (31%), asthma (16%), and mental illness (15%). If you are suffering from any such conditions, consult are doctors within minutes at Your Doctors Online.

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