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Tazarotene belongs to the drug class Retinoids (Acetylenic). This medication is available as a topical cream recommended to treat skin conditions like plaque psoriasis, acne and sun-damaged skin (Photodamage). 

Getting a Tazarotene (Tazorac) refill online is very straightforward; you can connect with a doctor anytime via Your Doctors Online. However, please note that the Tazarotene (Tazorac) medication will only be refilled online after consultation with the doctor and if the treatment is suitable and safe for your unique needs.

What is Tazarotene (Tazorac)?

Tazarotene is a topical retinoid medication prescribed to treat numerous skin conditions. It is available under different brand names, such as Tazorac, Avage, and Zorac. It is usually recommended to treat acne and psoriasis.

What are the uses of Tazarotene?

Tazarotene is generally prescribed for psoriasis reduction of wrinkles, enhances skin coloration, and improves overall skin texture. It also helps in reducing inflammation, and unclogs pores. It also treats psoriasis by reducing skin cell buildup and inflammation and photodamaged skin by increasing skin thickness and reducing wrinkles and discoloration.

How does it work?

Tazarotene works by modulating skin cell turnover and reducing inflammation. It normalizes skin cell growth, prevents acne comedone formation, and promotes the shedding of psoriatic plaques. Due to its potential side effects and the need for precise dosing, Tazorac is unavailable over the counter and requires a prescription for effective treatment. 

What are the different dosage forms and strengths of Tazarotene?

Tazarotene comes in 3 dosage forms: 

  • Topical creams
  • Gels
  • Foams

The different dosage strengths of Tazarotene include a cream containing 1 mg of Tazarotene per gram (0.1%) in 30-gram tubes..

How to take it?

To take Tazarotene for conditions like acne vulgaris or plaque psoriasis, adults and children 12 years and older should clean the affected areas, let them dry, then apply a thin layer of the 0.1% cream, gel or lotion once daily in the evening, avoiding unaffected skin. If using creams or lotions for plaque psoriasis, apply them at least 1 hour before Tazarotene. 

Remember to wash hands after application, avoid contact with sensitive areas, and protect skin from sunlight.

What are the side effects of Tazarotene?

Some of the most common side effects of Tazarotene are: 

  • Burning
  • Stinging
  • Dryness
  • Itching
  • Peeling
  • Redness
  • pain

While some of the severe side effects are as follows: 

  • Blistering
  • Crusting
  • Irritation
  • swelling at or near the application site.

If severe side effects occur, it is important to seek medical attention and follow the prescribed application instructions to minimize irritation and maximize the benefits of the medication.

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  • Tazorac cream/gel 0.1%
  • Apply once daily in the evening to psoriatic lesions using enough (2 mg/cm2) to cover only the lesion with a thin film.

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Precautions and contraindications

  • Tazarotene cream is contraindicated in pregnancy, as retinoids may cause fetal harm.
  • Tazarotene should only be used on the skin. Avoid contact with eyes, nose, mouth, and vagina. If accidental transfer occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Skin reactions, such as dryness, redness, scaling, burning, or stinging, can occur. Use a moisturizer as needed to lessen these effects. Discontinue or reduce dosing frequency if severe irritation occurs.
  • Minimize exposure to wind, cold weather, and sunlight, as these conditions can make the skin more prone to sunburn, dryness, or irritation.

FAQs about Tazarotene prescription refill

Can you get Tazarotene without a prescription?

No, Tazarotene (Tazorac) is not available without a prescription. It is a prescription medication due to its potency and the potential for side effects.

How long does it take for Tazarotene to work?

When taking tazarotene for acne, you should see improvement in around four weeks. When taking tazarotene for psoriasis, you should see improvement in your symptoms within one to four weeks.

What are the Tazarotene alternatives?

Alternatives to Tazarotene for the treatment of skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, or photoaging include other topical retinoids like adapalene and tretinoin, as well as non-retinoid options like topical antibiotics, salicylic acid, and corticosteroids.

What can interact with Tazarotene?

Tazarotene may interact with certain medications, such as other topical retinoids or benzoyl peroxide products, which can increase skin irritation. Using abrasive or exfoliating skin products may exacerbate side effects. Avoid exposure to excessive sunlight or UV rays, as Tazarotene can make the skin more sensitive and potentially lead to sunburn.

How to use Tazarotene for better results?

Both before and after taking this medication, wash your hands. Before putting a small layer of this medication on the afflicted area before bed, dry your skin. You can use a lotion or cream to soften or moisturize your skin for an hour before applying Tazorac® gel for psoriasis.

How long does Tazarotene take to work on warts?

Tazarotene may take several weeks to months to work on warts. The exact duration varies depending on the size, type, and location of the warts, as well as the individual's response to treatment. Consistency and patience are essential when using Tazarotene for wart removal.

How long can you use Tazarotene for acne?

Most users of tazarotene report a 50% improvement in psoriasis symptoms after just one to four weeks of treatment. It could take longer for skin redness to improve. Gains continue for up to three months. Acne treatment typically gets better after using tazarotene for around four weeks.

Is Tazarotene stronger than tretinoin?

Yes, Tazarotene is generally considered stronger and more potent than tretinoin, with the 0.1% formulation being the most potent topical retinoid available.

Does Tazarotene cause purging?

Yes, Tazarotene can cause purging in some individuals. Purging is a temporary increase in acne breakouts that may occur when starting a retinoid treatment like Tazarotene. This initial flare-up of acne is a common reaction to retinoids and is often reported by individuals using Tazarotene.

Can I use moisturizer after Tazarotene?

Yes, you can use a moisturizer after applying Tazarotene (tazarotene). Using a moisturizer can help minimize potential skin irritation from Tazarotene without reducing its effectiveness.

Does Tazorac increase collagen?

Yes, Tazorac (tazarotene) can increase collagen production, improving skin elasticity and a more youthful appearance. Tazorac helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and skin texture issues by stimulating collagen synthesis, contributing to a healthier and rejuvenated skin appearance.

Can you put Tazarotene under the eyes?

No, you should not apply Tazarotene cream under the eyes as it can cause significant irritation to the delicate skin in that area. Tazarotene is not approved for use under the eyes, and contact with the eyes should be avoided to prevent irritation and adverse effects. It is best to consult a dermatologist for safe and suitable treatments for under-eye concerns.

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