I Tried Your Doctors Online and Found Out I was Pregnant!

I Tried Your Doctors Online and Found Out I was Pregnant!
Medically reviewed by Dr. Shurooq Fatima

Fertility concerns led this author to the Your Doctors Online app, where she discovered she was pregnant. 

By: Jenn Kong

So I have been trying to conceive (TTC) over the last few months.

Also, I would stay up all night on my phone, deep-diving through Google and reading forums and blogs to try to come up with an explanation for my fertility issues.

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35-Year-Old Mother Trying to Conceive

I am an older mother, 35 years old. I already had one child but my menstrual cycle was never consistent and, sometimes, non-existent. For almost two years after the birth of my first, I did not have a period. And before that, my cycle was always guesswork.

You can see how that creates a problem when trying to plan a second child.

After several odd visits to my family doctor, a gynecologist, and an endocrinologist, I still had burning questions.

  • How can I fix secondary infertility?
  • Can someone without menstruation be able to track ovulation?
  • What is secondary infertility?
  • Is that something that I should be worried about?

I didn’t want to bother my doctors over and over about my questions, and at the same time, I couldn’t seem to find anything relevant on Google.

I Stumbled Upon Your Doctors Online

Finally, I came across a website, Your Doctors Online. Regarding your health and medical questions, this website has, no doubt, a one-up on Google. It is a free online chat service with real medical doctors.

How is that even possible in today’s fluctuating healthcare system?

I am human too and was initially very reluctant to divulge all my insecurities about infertility and sex, especially with some random doctor whom I’ve never met before.

But that day, I had a perfect decoy. I had blacked out and fallen onto the floor, hitting my head after two measly glasses of champagne the night before. So I questioned the doctors about how to handle this incident best.

They told me to get examined by my family doctor to ensure I had no injuries (concussion from my fall) and to check my vitals to see why I would faint so easily.

No nonsense, practical, helpful advice. After this, I was reassured that these were trustworthy physicians who were not trying to sell anything and took the time to speak with me.

Furthermore, I finally decided to ask my real questions about trying to conceive and my difficulties in tracking ovulation. The doctor on the chat explained that it could take over a year to get back to a regular menstrual cycle, but not to give up and keep trying to reduce the stress in my life.

The Your Doctors Online doctor also told me I should keep following up with my physician on my status. Good reinforcement for why Google could not diagnose me that I was pregnant and a true doctor.

Thanks to Your Doctors Online, I was encouraged to make an appointment with my family physician.

One, to discuss my prior fainting incident, and two, to follow up on my fertility issues. My family physician ordered some labs for me, and guess what? We found out I had fainted because I was pregnant!

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I was Pregnant, and Your Doctors Online Free Dr. Chat Helped Guide Me to the Answers I Needed

Bottom line, Your Doctors Online answered my questions and gave me sound advice.

“Go get myself checked out because it can be something more serious.”

When we go online and Google search symptoms, we conjure fear, but never enough to act reasonably on it. We don’t know, so why put ourselves through all that fear and worry?

My new solution is to visit Your Doctors Online, the real human doctors who are available 24/7. Talking to them can give you a more honest perspective on your problems.

Even though these doctors cannot physically examine you, they can listen to you and point you in the right direction.

Nothing is better than a forum where you can communicate with an experienced physician in real-time and get specific answers to circumstantial questions. Additionally, your Doctors Online is a great tool for those trying to figure out weird stuff that happens to them. Including spontaneous pregnancy!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pregnancy Answered by Your Doctors Online Team

What is a chemical pregnancy?

A very early miscarriage within five weeks of pregnancy is a chemical pregnancy. It occurs so early that most women don’t realize they have experienced a miscarriage.

Why is week 10 of pregnancy the worst?

The pregnancy hormone BHCG is usually at its peak in the 10th week of pregnancy, and pregnancy symptoms may worsen for many women.

When to take a pregnancy test?

For accurate pregnancy results, taking a test one week after a missed period is recommended by doctors.

What are the presumptive signs of pregnancy?

Symptoms that might make a woman suspicious of pregnancy include nausea, breast tenderness, food cravings or aversions, fatigue, back pain, and missed period.

When do pregnancy cravings start?

They usually occur in the first trimester as early as five weeks into pregnancy.

What are the signs of twin pregnancy?

Twin pregnancy signs are severe morning sickness, weight gain, extreme breast tenderness, excessive fatigue, and food intolerances.
Therefore, if you are experiencing such symptoms, talk to a gynecologist online and get the best medical advice.

Can you get pregnant when you’re not ovulating?

You can’t get pregnant without ovulation, as an egg is required for the sperm to fertilize.

Can you get pregnant on your period?

It is doubtful to get pregnant while on your period.

Moreover, if you have any questions related to your current pregnancy or require a pregnancy consultation, download our app and speak to our online doctor and get answers to your pressing questions immediately! 

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