How To Find The Perfect OBGYN When Expecting

How To Find The Perfect OBGYN When Expecting

Finding the perfect OBGYN when expecting can be challenging. This decision, as any mom-to-be knows, is an important one. To help you find and choose the right OBGYN, we have compiled some helpful tips!

Tips To Find An OBGYN:

  1. Social media can be really helpful
  2. Do plenty of research on doctors
  3. Make a list of top OBGYN questions
  4. Schedule a few first dates
  5. Make your decision

Let’s get right into the top tips to find the perfect OBGYN for busy moms-to-be.

Use Social Media To Find Your OBGYN

Social media is a powerful tool for moms-to-be. From asking pregnancy questions to finding trending news for pregnant women, social media has a variety of information.

When starting your search for an OBGYN, it is a great idea to get social. You can join a number of mom and pregnancy groups on Facebook or ask questions about OBGYNs on popular blog social media channels.

You can even use social media to stalk your shortlist of OBGYNs. Get social, and don’t be afraid to get support from other moms-to-be or those who have recently had their little bundle of joy!

Research, Research, and More Research

The Internet is awesome! You can learn helpful parenting tips, get information about those odd pregnancy issues, and even research the perfect OBGYN.

Doctors will be listed all over the Internet. For instance, Healthgrades can be a great platform to research potential OBGYNs. You can check out their resume, where they work, and reviews.

Some women prefer women doctors when it comes to pregnancy. You can also use your research time to narrow down hospitals and medical practices that have more women OBGYNs.

Do plenty of research, get phone numbers, and begin preparing the questions you want to ask your OBGYN candidates.

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Begin Listing Your Most Important OBGYN Questions

Your OBGYN is going to take you through one of the most memorable and probably scary moments of your life. This makes having a list of important questions essential to finding the perfect OBGYN.

Not sure what to ask? Here are a few OBGYN questions that could get your list off to a good start:

  • Are you taking new patients?
  • Do you accept my insurance?
  • What hospitals do you deliver at?
  • Will you be delivering my baby?
  • How many other doctors will I meet throughout my pregnancy?
  • How do you help with my birth plan?
  • How many babies do you deliver monthly?
  • What are your thoughts on C-sections?
  • How many high-risk pregnancies have you dealt with?
  • What is your working hours?

Schedule Your First Date

Once you have a nice list of doctors in the final stages of your OBGYN recruiting process, it’s time to schedule your first date. This is very important since you want to meet he or she, have a look at the office, and just get a general feel for them.

When you know, you know! You may need to meet all your OBGYN candidates, or you might find “the one” right from the get-go. It all depends on how you feel when talking with them.

How To Find The Perfect OBGYN

When you make your choice, let he or she know they are the perfect OBGYN for you. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, and having a doctor that you absolutely love at your side will make it that much more special.

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